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Submitting to the Boss a culkold story

Honey! I’m home!

Oh, I can see you’re looking around, and you appear to be kind of scared and nervous. Are you afraid? Well, you should be fucking scared! I did mention possibly bringing home a man, didn’t I?

Well, honey, I have.

But before I introduce you to my friend, let me put a pair of my panties over your eyes so you can’t see him right away. No, not the panties I’m wearing – you might like those too much. This pair that are freshly washed, so no cummy surprises in there for you. Just the scent of laundry soap and a hint of my perfume from my panty drawer.

There. Oh, don’t you look so cute with my panties on your head covering your eyes? You keep those over your eyes and keep your gaze downcast. No peeking and no touching the panties on your head.

Come on in! [spoken as if to man just outside the room] But don’t speak in case my little girl here can recognize your voice.

See, this little specimen is my husband, or used to be. I’ve turned him into a girl just like I was telling you. He can’t see you with those panties over his eyes, but he can hear two people in the room. Yes, honey, there is a man here with us. And he is really handsome and masculine and he’s having a hard time not laughing at how you look!

Oh, honey! Look at you! You’re shaking and turning all red, at least the part of your face showing from below my panties. I don’t know why you seem so shocked and surprised. I did mention that I was thinking of bringing a man home with me. So it’s not like I didn’t warn you.

Is the reality a bit too much for you to handle? Too bad. You will do as you’re told.

Do you want to know who it is?

I won’t tell you, but let’s pretend for now that it’s your boss. Would you be embarrassed if your boss was here seeing you in that white bra and panty girdle with my panties over your eyes? I bet you would be.

Maybe it is your boss, but you can’t see so you have no way of knowing. I did tell you that I thought your boss was hot, and that I wanted to fuck him. You got excited at the thought of me flirting with other men like your boss, didn’t you? Well, I have definitely been flirting with other men. Shamelessly. Some of them know I’m married to you. Does that embarrass you?

Now, let’s keep this going. Pretend your boss is who I had the date with tonight. We had a wonderful evening out for dinner, drinking and dancing. But no sex tonight yet, although I did play with your boss’s cock in his car on the way home, and, naughty me, I even put my head in his lap and sucked his cock a bit. Talk about distracted driving! But I haven’t made your boss cum yet, so he’s nice and horny, aren’t you? Uh, don’t answer, we don’t want her hearing your voice.

And he is so much more substantial in the cock department than you! He is superior to you in every way.

And now, here we are – your boss is here in our home. He’s the man of the house now. He wears the pants around here now because you sure as fuck don’t.

I mean, look at you! On your fucking knees in front of both of us. All dressed up so pretty in your white brassiere and nice tight white and controlling panty girdle! So girly! So feminine! All shaved and feminized, and made up and smelling so good with that perfume, with nylons on your legs and high heels, kneeling there, so submissive. And that lovely blonde hair and cock-sucker red lipstick! And unable to see with my panties over your eyes! And in those handcuffs and the dog collar and a leash.

Wow! Such a sight! A little female sex slave.

So, I hope your boss isn’t disappointed with my little hubby here.

Don’t you think she’s just perfect now that I’ve made her into a girl? She looks even better than in the pictures I gave you, don’t you think? Oh, look, she’s blushing even more. She didn’t know that I showed you the pictures.

How about you walk around her and snap her bra a few times. Remember how the boys used to do that in high school to all the girls? Hubby here did it, and now she’s having her brassiere snapped by a man. So humiliating. Snap it a few more times, and snap the waistband of that tight elastic girdle too. Wow, how fucking embarrassing is that?

Now, honey, pull your little dick out from inside that girdle so me and your boss can get a good look at it. See? She has her little dick all locked up in a cold metal chastity cage. She can’t even get hard in that thing! She can try, but it’s painful, so any hardon won’t last.

And we can see the butt plug under the girdle as well. That’s right, she has a butt plug up her ass to keep it all wet and lubricated and, well, ready. We all know ready for what too, don’t we? I don’t have to say it.

I know, it’s hard to not laugh. But we have a little proposition for you my little girl! I’m going to hand you the key to your cock cage, so here it is. Unlock it. That’s it. Oh, I bet you like that.

Now, no touching that little dick.

Look! I see it’s not hard. I thought you’d be hard with a real man right in front of you, but maybe you’re just so scared at the thought of all the nasty things we might do to you, or make you do, that it’s keeping you all shriveled up and soft and tiny.

Just let it hang there between your legs outside the panty girdle but keep your hands off it. No touching it!

Let’s both try not to laugh at the size of her little package. I know, it is pretty funny!

Anyway, sissy girl, here is our proposition for you. You are going to suck your boss’s cock. That’s right, no argument. You will do it or your boss, or whoever my man here tonight is, will take my riding crop to your balls.

That’s it, hang your head in submission. I thought you would obey given the alternative of your boss punishing you in your slutty underwear. And stop crying. I know you’re scared, but you are going to like our proposition once you get into it. Don’t’ be such a fucking baby or your boss and I will really give you something to cry about.

I already told you that you would be sucking your boss’s cock, but there’s more. You will start by unzipping his pants and pulling them down and off him. But first, you can pull the panties off your head, but keep your gaze downcast so you can’t see who the man here is. Do it! Now!

That’s it. Such a good girl. Fold his pants up nicely, like a good little maid. Keep your head down, and don’t look above his waist. You are so obedient!

Oh, look, he’s wearing white real man underwear. Our mystery guest has a nice bulge in front of his white briefs too. That looks really hot!

[speaking to boss] Oh, remember how I told you I caught her with a little stash of pictures of men in catalogs in white underwear. Real handsome men with a bulge under their underwear, like the bulge I can see under your white briefs? You found that pretty amusing, right?

Oh, honey, are you embarrassed knowing that he knows about the little gay porn collection that I caught you with? I know, pictures of handsome men in their white underwear in catalogs isn’t really gay porn, but you were using it as gay porn. To you, it was gay porn, and you were a little cocksucker getting off on it. My husband looking at gay porn with real men. I’m sure you got hard and came, looking at those gorgeous men, staring at the bulges in their underwear, wondering what was under those bulges.

Well, now it’s not fantasy anymore!

Do you like what you see, sissy? A tall muscular man right in front of you, with that manly package bulging in his underwear so close to your face? Of course you like it. Especially since you can see a bit of my lipstick on his bulge in his underwear from when I was sucking his cock in his car. Don’t even try to deny it!

But, I’m surprised, your little dick is still soft, and you’re still crying a bit. You must still be so scared. Maybe you’ve fantasized about this, but the reality might be pretty scary. You are totally at our mercy, after all. Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you. Not if you obey, anyway.

Now, here’s the deal. You are going to keep your eyes down so you don’t know who he is, and you will kiss and worship his cock through his white briefs until he’s nice and hard, and then you are going to pull those briefs down and suck his bare hard cock. If you can do that and stay soft, then I will not only let you cum, but I won’t lock you back up after we let you cum. Isn’t that nice of me? I won’t even make you eat your wad just to humiliate you, so you can cum and enjoy it, and you can even get out of the women’s underwear and I’ll unlock the collar and the handcuffs. You can go back to being a so-called straight little wimp and masturbate all you like.

All you have to do is stay soft while sucking him, to prove you’re not really a cocksucker after all, and then we’ll let you cum. Of course, you could do it in front of both of us, while we laugh at you and humiliate you, but you will be allowed to cum. Or you can slink off and jerk off in another room, thinking about what you just went through, and cum any way you like.

If you stay soft, and we go that route, I’ll throw away the cock cage and set you free. Would you like that?

Oh, you’re looking a bit doubtful. Maybe you like being locked up and denied? Well, you stay soft and then we’ll let you cum and then I won’t lock you back up. Your little dick will go back to being free. You still won’t get pussy, but you’ll have a free range little cock.

The alternative is that you get hard kissing his cock through his underwear, or sucking his cock with your red mouth. Oh, my, what if that happens?

If you get hard, and I bet you will once you have his hard masculine cock in your mouth, then I will stop you sucking him, and we will watch you smack your little cock to get it soft. Then, you will lock your tiny dick up in the cock cage, and you will never be allowed to cum again. You will have to know and remember for the rest of your life that you locked your cock in a cock cage forever while kneeling before a man. Another man, a real man, a better man, a man who is superior to you in every way, was an eye witness to your final and permanent denial from ever cumming again. A pussy free, denied and frustrated life for you, and why? Because you got hard sucking a cock! You proved you were a cocksucker! And cocksuckers need to be locked up. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

Oh, but if you get hard, and we lock you back up, then you will still have to suck my boyfriend here right off and swallow all his sticky white real man cum, while I laugh at you.

What’s it going to be? Huh? Do we have a deal?

Of course you agree. You want to cum and you think you can stay soft to be allowed to. You want to not only cum now, but to be free and able to cum again in the future, right?

So, start kissing his cock through his masculine white briefs. But don’t look up. You’ll be sucking a stranger’s cock, because you actually don’t know who it is. That’s it. Keep it up. Lick all over the bulge in his underwear. He looks just like the men in those catalogs. That could be your boss, right? He’s model material.

Come on, do it! He’s wearing real man white underwear, not like the white ladies’ underwear you have on. No real man would wear that. But of course no real man would kiss another man’s package through his men’s underwear either. But you are. And I bet you like it!

Oh, he’s really hard under that underwear now! Suck his cock right through his white underwear. Oh yeah, suck a man’s hard cock through his white briefs. Suck it! Get your lipstick on there along with mine. You can smell and taste the musky scent of a real man mixed with laundry soap on his underwear, sort of like my clean panties smelled. That should be a turn on for you.

I think you might be starting to get hard. Oh, look how scared you look. You’re really trying not to. Oh, are you still crying a bit? Well, you obviously need a mouthful of the real thing to calm you down.

Pull his briefs down and start kissing and licking his balls. Don’t they smell nice? I already smelled and tasted them in the car. A bit salty? Nice and musky? Yummmmm. Oh, you like sucking his balls don’t you? Oh, look, he’s holding your head while you do it. He likes it. Do you like feeling his hands on the back of your head?

OK, let’s make you really submissive! He’s putting one leg up with his foot on the furniture so you can get right in there. Put your face right in his ass. That’s right. Do it! Now put your fucking tongue into his ass and rim it. What a fucking faggot cocksucker! Look at you! You like licking a man’s balls and ass! You’re a total slut now! We can do anything we want with you.

In fact, after this, I’m going to whip you just on general principles. I don’t care if you’re scared of it or if you find it distasteful, although I know that deep down you don’t! You do as we say!

But you’re still soft! Maybe this is still too new to you? Or maybe you want to cum and be set free so bad that you’re developing some will power? Well, we’ll see about that.

OK, time to really get slutty. Put his cock into your fucking mouth! Do it! Right fucking now or I’ll start using the riding crop on your balls.

Oh, look at that! You have his cock in your mouth. Suck it. Take it all in. Worship that cock! Wow! Look at you! You really are a little cocksucker. And an eager one too!

You look like a horny little girl on her knees, sucking that sizeable cock. It’s so hard! And I can see his precum getting all over your mouth, like lip gloss almost. You’re blushing and breathing hard, but still soft I see. But it’s starting to twitch a bit.

Can you stay soft? So far, so good! But don’t touch it, keep your hands off your pathetic little dick!

Not only am I going to let you cum if you can stay soft for a few more minutes, and then leave you unlocked, I’ll let you watch him fuck me and make love to me. Aren’t I a generous wife? I’ve already tasted his yummy cock, the cock you’re now sucking so avidly, and I want to fuck it too.

That’s right, once you’ve cum, we’ll let you stay unlocked, and then you can watch a real man fuck your wife, right here in our home, in our fucking marital bed.

And guess what, just because you stayed soft and didn’t have to suck him off now, you’ll be sucking his sloppy seconds out of my cunt after he fucks me. I might even let you cum again while you clean my cunt, but only if you eat all his sperm out of it.

So, you’ll be able to cum as many times as you like, and no cock cage, all you have to do for me is that one little thing – stay soft while you suck a cock.

Oh, you can see I’m undressing, can’t you?! Don’t look up at me, but you can see I’m getting down to my sexy underwear. How does that feel? Your wife is undressing in front of another man, and you don’t even know who he is, and you’re sucking his cock! Wow! And worse yet, I’ve told you I’m going to fuck him in our bed. The cock you’re sucking will be cumming in your wife’s pretty pussy, and then you’ll be eating sloppy seconds, face first! You won’t get to fuck me, but you can jerk off and cum while you suck another man’s hot white cum out of my cunt. That must be very embarrassing!

Oh, look! What’s that?!! Your little dick is starting to get hard! Is seeing me in my sexy lingerie too much for you? Do you think that’s cheating and not playing fair, since it usually makes you hard to see me in my underwear?

Fuck no! I can undress if I want to. It’s my house, so what if another man is seeing your wife in her sexy underwear, while you suck his cock?

You love the humiliation. Keep sucking that cock! That proves you are a cocksucker! Don’t’ touch your little dick. Let it just stick out there throbbing in the air.

OK, look up and see whose cock you’re sucking. That’s right, keep his cock in your mouth but tilt you head up to see him.

Ha ha, it’s your boss. You’re sucking your boss’s cock! And I’m going to be fucking your boss right here in our bed in just a little while.

And look! That did it, your little dick is the hardest I’ve ever seen it, although it’s smaller now than the one you were sucking was when it was soft. You’re a fucking little fag cocksucker! Look at you! You’re sucking a cock in front of your wife, and not just any cock – your boss’s cock!


You sucked your boss’s cock. You got hard. You know what that means, right? You agreed to it. Time to seal the deal. Time to lock you up forever.

Now you have to get soft and lock it up in front of both of us.

Smack that little cock. Squeeze your balls until it hurts! That’s it. Get it soft! If you don’t, I have the riding crop here and I’m going to hand it to your boss to really work your little balls over. You’ll really cry then, won’t you? Having a real man punish you in your women’s underwear? And he’ll be naked and hard while he does it. Imagine a hard cock right in your face as a riding crop tears into your little balls, or a paddle lands on your ass, or maybe he’ll just bitch slap you into total sissy humiliation! That would be just too degrading, wouldn’t it? Or would you like it?

Oh, the thought of that, even though I think you’d secretly like it, and you hurting and punishing your little cock and balls made you soft. Good girl.

Now, here’s the cage. Put it on. Do it!

Oh, there’s that clicking sound. Music to our ears! Hand me back the key. You know you have only yourself to blame for this. It was so simple – all you had to do was suck a man’s cock and not get hard. Most men wouldn’t get hard sucking a cock. In fact, most men wouldn’t even suck a cock at all. But you did, like a little girl in her white prissy girlie underwear, a girls bra and girlie girdle, and it made you hard! My hubby is a fucking girl and a cocksucker, a total submissive. So fucking humiliating and pathetic!

Now tuck your caged little cock back inside your panty girdle. That’s it. Now it will stay all locked up, all nice and secure. And you will stay totally fucking denied! You’ll never cum again unless I say otherwise. And I say never again.

Now, back to your boss’s cock. Put it in your mouth and suck it.

Wow! You’re really going to town on your boss’s big masculine cock! Suck it! Look at you! Sucking cock like a little girl porn star. On your knees with a big hard manly cock sliding in and out of your mouth. Feel your boss holding you head and pulling you onto his cock? Feel it pushing deep into your mouth?

And you know what, I want you to know where I got the idea of the cock cage. I didn’t come up with that on my own. No! Your boss suggested it when I was flirting with him and complaining about your shortcomings and your little porn stash. He said he thought you were just a little sissy, so I should cross-dress you and lock your small little cock up in a cage. He had to explain to me what a cock cage was even. Your boss told me where to go to buy the cage, and he told me I might as well pick up some sexy implements to punish you with. So I did, and I told the hunky guy I bought it from all about my husband’s “shortcomings” shall we say? The sales guy came on to me. Maybe I should bring him over here so you can suck his cock! I bet he knows how to use a paddle or a whip!

OK, time for the grand finale! Keep your mouth around your boss’s cock and deep throat it, you little slut! But you look your boss right in his eyes now while you suck him! It will be even more humiliating to have eye contact while he cums in your mouth.

You will swallow all of your boss’s manly cum load, his superior man goo, his yummy cummy white slimy sperm! You know what I’m going to call it. Not just your boss’s load, but a Revenge Load. That’s right, your boss’s load is revenge for me, for having to put up with your little cock, and revenge for your boss for having to tolerate you at work. A fucking hot revenge load of cum right in your slutty little cocksucker red mouth.

What better way to put a sissy underling in her place than to have her get on her knees and suck her boss’s cock and swallow all his cum? And in front of your wife? Pricelessly degrading.

Look at you, sucking a real man’s cock on your knees in a fucking woman’s brassiere and a tight panty girdle. A brassiere! A woman’s bra. And a long-legged panty girdle with nylons fastened to the garters in the legs! Just like a little doll from a lingerie catalog, the kind of catalog you used to love so much!

I can tell your little cock is really hard inside that cage. Let me feel it. Wow! Not only is it hard again in the cage, but you’re leaking precum through the cage inside your girdle. You have wet panties, just like a girl! That’s right, getting wet like a horny little lady in your women’s underwear. You have wet panties from sucking cock!

But no cumming. You are denied. The only cum you get tonight is your boss’s cum in your mouth. Any minute now!

Here, let me snap the elastic of your brassiere while you suck his big hard cock! So degrading. Maybe I should spank you while you suck him off? That would be really humiliating wouldn’t it. You sucked a cock and you got a spanking. A spanked and humiliated cock-sucking panty girl, a little slut with a red bum and a red face to match her cocksucker red lipstick! So fucking hot! It’s making me horny too!

Keep sucking and maybe you won’t get a spanking, at least not this time. Once we get you used to sucking cock so you can control your mouth, I think it would be hilariously entertaining to spank your ass while a hard cock slides in and out of your slutty mouth.

Suck it. That’s it. Good girl! Oh, you love sucking your boss’s hard cock! You can’t wait to swallow his cum, I can tell.

Look at that. You dirty little cocksucker! A total slut, a submissive cocksucker! Wow! You just want to be used by a better superior man, to be his little bitch, don’t you?

Oh, don’t try to talk with your mouth full. That would be rude. We can tell you love it. Keep his cock deep in your mouth. Smear that red lipstick all over it. Smell the musk of his balls and crotch. Taste his cock and the precum. You love the taste of precum!

Oh, I think he’s gonna cum! Get ready! Making a real man cum in your slutty little red mouth. Cocksucker red lipstick for sure now.

Here it cums! Look at your boss jerk and spasm as he cums right in your mouth. Wow, he can really cum hard! He’s holding your head so tight with his cock so far into your mouth as he shoots one shot after another. You’re starting to choke, but don’t stop.

Wow! I think you have his entire wad in your mouth now, am I right? Oh yeah!

Don’t you dare swallow it right away, and don’t spit it out. You hold it in your mouth until I say otherwise. Be sure to suck every drop of your boss’s cum out of his cock before you let his cock slip out of your mouth. Got it all? Good! Now keep your lips tight while your boss pulls his cock out of your mouth, and don’t let any of that sticky cum escape past your cocksucker red lips!

Oh, look at you! All red-faced and humiliated and blushing and degraded with a huge load of your boss’s manly cum inside your mouth! Yummy cummy!

Hot white wet slimy gooey yummy real man cum! That’s a mouthful to say, and it’s sure a mouthful for you! In your fucking little slut mouth. You fucking little whore!

Do you like the taste? Don’t you dare try to talk. Of course you do! You love the taste of sperm. Savour it. Enjoy it. The taste of a real fucking man in your mouth. You should be so ashamed. My husband, all feminized and submissive, and so willingly sucking off his boss right in front of me like a slutty little girl! You were so eager too! You loved it!

Now, tilt your head back and show us all the cum inside your mouth, but don’t spill any. Look at that! Wow! That’s a huge fucking load in your sissy mouth.

Now, swallow it! Swallow it all. Mmmmhhh, fuck yeah! You love it! What a slut!

Now, open your mouth and show us that all the cum is gone. Perfect, fucking perfect!

You little slutty cocksucker! Swallowing your boss’s cum right in front of us, with you wife undressed in front of another man. And you approve of me doing it!

So degrading and humiliating, but just what you deserve. And get used to it. You’ll be sucking off men and swallowing sperm all the time after this. You’re going to love your daily cum loads from real men. That’s right, I said daily. Why not? You should get to suck off at least one man every day.

You won’t be cumming any more since you are never coming out of that cock cage, but other men will be cumming. Real men, better men, SUPERIOR MEN will be cumming, in your mouth and in your wife’s pussy, but you will not be cumming.

Sucking cock and pleasing real men should be good enough, right? They are superior to you, so you need to show respect and submission to them by sucking their cocks and eating their yummy cummy!

Now thank your boss for cumming in your mouth by kissing his cock, licking it clean, and tucking it back in his briefs. Kiss his briefs over that wet cock too. It’s going soft but it’s still twice the size of yours hard, not that yours will ever be truly hard again. You are staying locked up and denied. Hard-ons in that cage will hurt as there is nowhere to go.

Wow, that was amazing. You are such a slut.

Now, go get us drinks while we relax. Once we catch our breath, you can watch your boss fuck me. That’s right, sex with your boss is still the main course tonight. You’ve sucked off another man, and now you’ll watch another man fuck your wife, and you’ll beg him and fluff him before he does it. And then you will lick and suck my dirty cummy cunt clean afterwards while we both humiliate you. You will gladly suck his cum out of your own wife’s dirty well-fucked faithless cunt. You are now officially my little submissive sex slave. I’m the fucking boss in this house!

You’re the wife around here now. You’re getting us drinks. You’ll do the dishes. You’ll clean up our little messes in bed, like his cum from my pussy. And your boss can use you anytime he likes, just like you’re his little house wife on blowjob duty, or he can pull out that butt plug and fuck your ass like the little slut you are. Anything he wants unless I say otherwise!

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