Scripts and audioThe Man Eraser

The Man Eraser

You may have once been an alpha stud but not anymore. You already took the first step after reading the title. You are listening to my voice right now. That just proves you want to erase the manly side of you. Will you take the next step? Id suggest if you want to keep your manhood then you may want to stop and think for a moment. Question your thoughts. Say to yourself. Do I really want to not be a man anymore? Do I want to be turned into a cock hungy cum addict. Still listening and you just answered my questions you have already take enough steps to continue. The next step is buying this clip and see what the next level is really all about.

congratulations on admitting to yourself that being a manly is stupid and wanting and needing a nice big juicy cock in your mouth is way better. Imagine how fun it would be licking up the shaft of a big pulsating cock. Now imagine getting a little taste of pre-cum.

I need you to strip. Pause this audio and strip then push play so we can continue

Well look at that. You are an easy one. You read my title. You listened to the preview. You bought my clip. You did this in record time. You should feel proud of yourself.

Now that you are naked look down between your legs. That right there is a sissy clit. Rub your sissy clitty for me sissy boi. Thatta girl. You rub it like a little sissy whore. Well if you were a real whore that sissy clit would be wet and ready so spit on it. Thats right spit on your sissy clit. Feels warm doesnt it. No rub it. Dont wank on it. You rub it

Spit on it again and you smear that spit all over your sissy cunt. Wow thats a different feeling. You are just like a little street corner whore. You are all wet and ready for big willing cocks.

We started out with you wanting them in your mouth now suddenly you want one in your sissy cunt too. Well that escalated fast. You are an easy one. I’m so proud of you sissy whore. In fact I am so proud I wish I could pimp you out

Oh wow look how your sissy clit responded to that. You want pimped out by me dont you sissy whore. Keep rubbing and dont forget to dig that sissy cunt. Dig in sissy boi. Spit on it again. Sissy whores stay wet they never allow themselves to get dry

Lets try a count down. On the even numbers you rub your sissy clit and on the odd numbers you dig your sissy cunt. Then when I say 1 you squirt your sissy juice. This will be fun. Lets go 10 rub it 9 dig dig dig dig 8 rub it 7 dig in further 7 rub it sissy boi

6 get that finger in that hole 5 rub it 4 dig deeper you know you love it 2 rub it 1 you ram those fingers in and rub the juice out. Oh look at you. You are squirming all over like its the first time you got fucked. Rub it out sissy boi then scoop it up and smear it all over your face. Yes sissy you give yourself a facial. When you are done you go look at yourself in the mirror. Be a proud cum stained street corner sissy whore. Bye Bye cocksucker





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