Camp Stories from Goddes Lana

You are at a beach. It is very warm. You see the sign. Camp Sissy Boi. You know why you are here. You know the purpose of this place. This place is full of opportunities to explore nice long thick juicy cocks. You will also eat tons of yummy cummies. Its so easy to find cocks here at camp sissy boi. There are only 2 types of people here. Those that suck and those that want sucked.

You see the handsome males play volley ball. They all have floppy cocks. When they jump up and down to hit the ball their cocks slap their skin. Such a sexy site and sound. You see cute males taking showers outside. You also notice other sissies on their knees. They are pleasing the handsome males. Everyone has big smiles here at camp sissy boi

You walk toward the water. Its warm on your skin and you then turn around and face the beach. You drop to your knees and close your eyes. Before you know it you feel nice strong hands on the back of your head and your mouth gets filled with a nice clean juicy cock. It feels so nice sliding back and forth across your lips. You are in total bliss. Then before you know it there are ropes of cum all over you face. You feel so sexy. You feel like the porn girls in the videos.

You decide to stay there for another and before you know it another cock enters your mouth. Its like magic. So many cocks wanting sucked. You need practice and this is the place for you. All kinds of cocks. After you slurp up his cummies you venture over to the shower area. You see a handsome male with a nice hard on. You offer to give him a wank. So you stand there and wank him off. He spurts his cummies all over the place then he thanks you and moves along.

You see the park and walk toward it. You see joggers with flopping cocks and you hear the bird song. Its the legendary gay bird song. Suck a cock or 2. You here the sissies singing it in harmony. Suck, suck, suck a cock or 2. So you get in the bushes and you join their song. Suck, suck, suck a cock or 2. Before you know it you have two handsome males standing around you. They have their hands on their hips staring into your eyes. So you do what you feel you need to do. You wank one and suck the other. You go back and forth pleasuring both cocks. Before you know it you are drenched with hot semen.

You stay there on your knees and wait for more joggers. This time you end up with 3 around you. You are now living your dream. You are in a circle jerk blow bang at camp sissy boi. Oh wow you love this. You cant get enough of the park. You stay there for a few hours then venture back to the beach and wash all the yummy cummies off of your face. You taste some just because you are a gay bird. All gay birds eat yummy cummies.

Now its time to go have lunch, then over to the glory holes you go. You dont spend money at camp sissy boi you suck cock for food.

You pick out a nice mixed drink, a hotdog and watermelon then you get your bill. You have to pay the bill first. There are 8 bartenders, they are big black alphas and they have huge swinging dicks. You are very hungry so instead of sucking them all of you take 2 on with your hands, one in the rear and one in the mouth. You let them cum all over you then the next 4 have there turn.

They thrust you and pump you in and out. You moan in ecstasy. You will never be the same after this. Your ass is stretched to the max, your mouth is stretched, you have big puffy lips and your hands are sore but you love it. You finally have big cock sucker lips. That has always been your dream. To suck cocks till you have big cock sucker lips

Well now its time to finish the day off and visit the glory holes. The glory holes are for drive by stranger danger cocks. Its just random men that dont want to visit. They pull up and get out of their cars and stick their big dicks in the glory hole and get sucked off then they are on there way

You see the cocks coming through the holes and one by one there is always a sissy there to suck them off. You take a number and wait for your turn. The wait isnt long and finally you are on your knees again. The cock is kinda dirty and sweaty. Its not clean like beach cock but you still suck it off. You want the whole camp sissy boi experience. This is only day one and there is much much more to explore.

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