Camp Sissy Boi Soundtrack

If you decide to grab the tunes you can put the music in sissy videos for pornhub etc just credit us at the end

or use our banner just grab the one below

I have created a camp sissy boi soundtrack which will be put in all the camp sissy boi games. The games will be free to play. So far I have 2 in the works a glory hole game and dress up as a sissy game

You can buy the whole album here

Currently there are 8 sissy tunes and 2 to be added | You can purchase now and grab the other 2 later or wait its up to you

You can listen to them for free too | You can even purchase per song | You might want to make your own soundtrack

If enough people buy the songs/album I will create more for you

You can listen for free here

Are you on Reverbnation? We are

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