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Cum Countdown: Savor the Moment with CEI

Start stroking slowly, feel the anticipation building in your body. Imagine my voice guiding you, teasing you closer to the edge. Your hand feels warm and steady, every stroke a promise of what’s to come. Let the excitement wash over you, knowing that the release will be exquisite.

Increase the speed just a little, feeling the pleasure intensify. Picture yourself getting closer, your heart racing with excitement. The taste of your cum will be warm and rich, a testament to your arousal. Embrace this moment, letting the pleasure flow through you.

Faster now, let the pleasure build as you feel your body responding. The tension is rising, and the thought of tasting yourself is thrilling. Imagine the warmth spreading in your mouth, the salty sweetness filling you with satisfaction. You know what’s coming, and it excites you, doesn’t it?

Keep that pace, but now think about the moment you’ll release. Picture the creamy texture, the delicious taste of your own cum. You’re almost there, and every stroke brings you closer to that indulgent moment. Let your mind wander to the taste, the way it will coat your tongue.

Slow down just a bit, edge yourself and feel that delicious frustration. The anticipation of tasting your cum is almost unbearable, but you’re in control. When you finally taste it, it will be like liquid pleasure, warm and velvety. You’re holding back, savoring the build-up, but not for long.

Speed up again, let the pleasure flood your senses completely. Imagine the taste of your cum, thick and slightly salty, the ultimate reward. You’re getting so close now, every stroke bringing you nearer to that final, explosive moment. The thought of tasting yourself is driving you wild.

Picture your cum, imagine the taste and the way it will fill your mouth. It’s not something to fear; it’s part of your pleasure, your deepest indulgence. The warmth and richness of it will be unlike anything you’ve tasted before. You’re almost ready to embrace it fully.

Faster, don’t hold back now, let the intensity take over. Feel the pressure building, the climax rushing towards you. The taste will be unforgettable, a mix of salt and sweet, of you. You’re right on the edge, ready to tip over into ecstasy.

Almost there, just a little more, stroking faster and harder. The sensation is overwhelming, every nerve on fire. Your mouth waters at the thought of tasting your own cum, the ultimate act of self-love. You’re ready for this, you want this, every part of you craves it.

Get ready, this is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Let go completely, let the orgasm wash over you. As you cum, catch every drop in your hand, feeling the warmth and satisfaction. Now, take it, bring it to your lips, taste it. Don’t be afraid; it’s your pleasure, your release.

Cum now!

Let the orgasm take you, feel it in every fiber of your being. As you taste your cum, savor it, the warmth and the unique flavor. It’s rich and creamy, a testament to your arousal and release. Enjoy every bit of it, just as you deserve, fully embracing the pleasure of this moment.

Now, bring your hand to your lips and start by licking the tip of your finger. Feel the warmth and taste of your cum on your tongue. Let the flavor spread in your mouth, savoring every bit of it. Slowly, lick your hand clean, feeling the texture and warmth with every lick.

Take your time, let yourself enjoy the taste, the sensation of your tongue against your skin. Finally, gather the remaining cum with your fingers and bring it to your mouth. Suck it off your fingers, feeling the richness and warmth.

Swallow it slowly, relishing the moment, knowing it’s a part of you. This is your pleasure, your reward. Embrace it fully, savoring every last drop.

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