I create custom audio for Sissies!

Clips can include your name. Either you can give ideas and I’ll write up something or you can write a script that I can read. Most common scripts are based around:

  • Cum Eating
  • Assisted Masturbation
  • Homoerotic
  • Sissy Brainwashing


Pricing starts at $100 per 15 mins. Pricing may vary based on time length and word length. Prices are in USD

Turn Around

Turn around is roughly 3-5 business days depending on content and availability. If you want it faster please let me know, this may affect the price.

It’s best to message me first using the following form or sending me a quick email That way we can work out a price based on your details.

I do often resell custom audio clips unless you say you don’t want it shared. If the audio is exclusive to only you then the price may be higher.

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