Crave Exposure?

Well, you are in luck! Send your videos and pictures of you being a naughty boi! You will appear on the from page and the galleries page. Oh and on this page too!

The Rules

Pictures and video MUST be you. NO Underage Content!! NO Scat, NO Animal Abuse and NO Blood. If there is someone else in the video, you MUST have their permission to use the content!

For Video Content

Provide a super easy share link from DropBox. Don’t have a DropBox account? Well click the DropBox link and get one! OR provide a link to a self hosted MP4 video. For example

Want to Stay on the Front Page?

Have a sign in your video that says #1 Sissy Camper. You can hold the sign for a bit or have it in the background. You don’t have to but if you want to stay front and center, you should have a sign 😉

ALL CONTENT IS REVIEWED. I decide what makes it on the front page! Also, once you submit anything, you have given me permission to do whatever I want with your content. 🙂