There is a lot to do at Camp Sissy Boi

Its an ever growing beach. Id love to spend 24/7 building the best sissification beach online. I also have plans for a Faggot Ranch. I know some of you exploring this fetish don’t consider yourselves as sissies but you do love cock and you love yummy cummies so in order to grow everything it takes time and money. I have clip stores that do well but the beach patreon is what frees up my time to expand.

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The best and most popular tier is becoming a sissy surfer. Basically how patreon works is you pay like a subscription and you get TONS of content at a low price. Buying my clips would cost you thousands of dollars I have years worth of content BUT for $15 a month you get it at my patreon. You can start at a lower tier and get all the sissy assignments for $1 a month. So support the beach and let me guide you on your cock sucking needs and lets expand this beach to other areas.

Any suggestions? Message me