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Camp Sissy Boi Assignment #1
Thank You, Goddess Lana.  I love your sissy boi training videos and they are having an affect on me.  I’m embracing my inner sissy.  I want to be a girl that sucks cock and eats cum.  Thank You, Goddess Lana!
I’m starting at the beginning of the Camp Sissy Boi Assignments.  This is my report to you about eating my own cum.
Several times in the past I had the intention of eating my cum as I played with my sissy clit and was very excited by the prospect as I neared orgasm, but after I had cum the intense desire to eat my cum that I had felt quickly dissipated, and I didn’t do it.  This time was different.
As I performed the Assignment I didn’t think of sucking a Real Man’s Cock as I usually do.  I thought only of You, Goddess Lana, and your excellent sissy boi training videos.  (I love your voice, Goddess Lana.  And I do want to be a girl now.)  I took a saucer from the kitchen to bed with me, and I began to lightly stroke my sissy clit and balls.  (I have a small cock.  And I loved learning in one of Your videos that it is a sissy clit, and that I also have a sissy cunt.  Thank You, Goddess Lana.
That is very helpful to me in my sissy training.)  As I stroked my sissy clit I spoke out loud and told it I wanted it to cum and promised that I would eat the cum for You, Goddess Lana.  I didn’t use any saliva until my sissy clit first gave me some pre-cum.  After a few minutes when my sissy clit gave me some slick, silky pre-cum I collected it and tasted it.  Then I began to lick my fingers and hand and play with my sissy clit with the lubrication my saliva provided.
I continued to eat any pre-cum my sissy clit gave me and kept my fingers and hand well lubricated with saliva.  I thought of your videos and talked to my sissy clit, telling it as it got harder and more aroused that it was being a good sissy clit and that I wanted it to cum so I could eat it for You, Goddess Lana.  After about 10 minutes I knew my sissy clit was on the verge of orgasm.  I placed the saucer on my stomach and continued to stroke my sissy clit and talk to it.  It came, and I felt it squirt and squirt and squirt.  I thanked my sissy clit and told it that it was a good little sissy clit.  Then I turned on my bedside lamp and inspected my cum.
There was a nice load of viscous silky cum on the saucer.  I’d collected it all.  Without hesitation I dipped my tongue in my cum and tasted it, then licked the saucer clean, gathering all of my sissy cum in my mouth.  I played with it in my mouth and licked my lips with cum all over my tongue.
Then I swallowed it.  I swallowed it for You, Goddess Lana.  I loved that I had finally been able to eat my cum, and I owe it all to You and Your wonderful sissy boi training videos, Goddess Lana.  Thank You, Goddess Lana.  Your training is having a profound affect on me.  I no longer have any aversion to eating my own cum, and I’m eager to serve as a submissive cum slut for a Real Man.  (Though this is not easy as I live in rural Wyoming and there aren’t that many opportunities–but I’m actively looking for a horny man to serve.)
I’m no longer ashamed of my sissy inclinations.  I embrace them as a part of who I truly am.  I want to be a girl.  And not just any girl, but a naughty cock & cum-craving slut.  I want to be a willing sex toy for a Real Man and learn to suck cock like a proper slut.  And it’s all because of You and Your amazing sissy boi training videos, Goddess Lana.  Thank You, Goddess Lana.
I can’t wait to complete all of the previous Camp Sissy Boi Assignments, and to e-mail You and tell You all about them and how they are changing me into the mindless, cock-addicted sissy slut sex toy that has always been inside me.
Thank You, Goddess Lana.  I am a sissy in training thanks to You, and I love it!  You are the best.  And Your sissy boi training videos are the best thing on the entire internet.  I adore You and thank You, Goddess Lana.
assignment A – The cup of sugar

My wife of 2 years is off on another long travel trip. I get so bored during these times she’s away and since she has so much money I never have to work so I just sit around alternating between swimming in the pool, sunbathing, working out on in our gym, gotta stay toned and working out my cock to porn. Damn, so much porn, I’ve really gone down the rabbit whole on sissy porn latel. Been really exciting wearing my wife’s clothes at times too. I’m pretty sure my neighbors have seen me but they may have thought I was just my wife. We both have long beautiful blonde hair, tan tone bodies, she has very small breasts that I love btw, and yeah, I’m flat chested by a bra fixes that.

At the moment I’m just wearing some of her panties under my tight biking shorts and a sweet little tank top. I’m about to bake some cookies, sugar cookies, but I only have one cup of sugar but need two. Pondering looking up some delivery service for a bag of sugar but I see my neighbor John’s car in the drive way. My sissy porn videos are always training my mind to be more and more attracted to alpha males and John is so big and strong and cute. Finally, I have a reason to talk to him again.

I don’t bother going to his front door, our yards are mostly connected, I just have to jump over the little waterfall we have where the koi pond pours down in to our backyard stream. I round the corner to the back of his house and see his kitchen door. I’m about to knock but the door is glass and through it I see John getting sucked off by some twenty something trashy looking bimbo boi slut. What the fuck, yep, that is a young, maybe cute?, guy down on his knees, with his shorts around his ankles, sucking off John and stroking his own little dick. I quickly come up with a plan, I pull out my iPhone, turn on the camera, pretend I’m on a Facetime call and just start talking like I’m on the phone with my wife and quickly knock and yell out for Mandy, John’s wife’s name, and just walk in staring at my phone (now in camera mode to help me see what I’m doing and recording John at the same time) and doing some of my best off Broadway acting voice I say, “Yes, the door was unlocked honey. MAAANNDYYY!?!? You here?…. Oh, oh my god, JOHN! Whoa! Uh…” I nervously sputter out that last part now fully pointing my camera at him and his tramp boy toy on his knees before him.

John has a total shocked look on his face, quickly reaches down and pulls up his pants while waddling around behind the kitchen counter to get some privacy. I see his magnificent toned butt and can’t help but imagine grabbing it now and holding on for dear life as he fucks my face. Oh fantasies, oh so close to reality now, hmm. “Uh, so sorry to interrupt, I was just on a Facetime call with my wife and was baking cookies and uh I need a cup of sugar and uh…” I’m saying this as the tramp boy is crawling very slowly around to where John is, it’s as if he thinks I don’t see him if he crawls slowly enough and avoids making eye contact.

He’s now fumbling to get out his wallet from his still unbuttoned pants and hands what looks like a huge wad of money down to below the counter and you hear this cute little gay boy finally say something, “thank you sir” as he stands still pulling up his tight shorts, putting the money stack between his teeth as he shakes his hips to get the tight shorts up over his trashy bubble but he has. I keep saying trashy because he literally has the word in some gang type font, “trashy” written as a tramp stamp above his ass. John handed him the money and said, “be a good boi and run along, I’ll call for you again in a couple days.” He gives the boy toy a kiss on the cheek, a slap on the butt and he scampers off to the front door. John and I are awkwardly staring at each other in silence as we hear his front door slam shut, then a car engine start and tire squealing away.

Okay, I’m about to speak as he is too. We both stop and I decide to just go ahead with what is my next phase of my plan: find a way to suck John’s cock. So, I say, “Wow, that was pretty hot. He was cute, albeit a bit ‘trashy’ ” that last part I do in air quotes and make an exaggerated wink at him. I’m also slowly walking towards him, doing what I think of as the model walk, where I cross my legs as I step giving a slow wide hip swing with each step. I’m now on the opposite side of the island counter in his kitchen and continue saying, “You know, I can keep this secret if you want” with a bit of a girly tone in my voice, I’m also now on my tip toes, gripping the edge of the counter and leaning toward him with what I hope is a sultry questioning look on my face. John just silently nods. “Okay… uh, that trashy boy toy of yours left in a bit of a hurry… I’m pretty good in the kitchen and I did cum here for a cup of sugar… you got something sweet for maybe incentivize me keep me from ‘talking'” again with air quotes on talking and then I quickly made the universal hand and mouth gesture for blow job, even did the tongue in cheek bit with a wink. I’m also now tip toeing my way around the counter since I can see in his eyes that he is totally interested and my growing bulge and panty lines are clearly showing through my tight baby blue biking shorts right now.

John takes a step back from the counter, turns to face me as I’m now mere inches away. I just realized my phone is still recording and I’m doing my best to angle it so this will be hot for me to watch later. I’m right up in front of John now, I get close, run my left hand down into his underwear where I can feel his now dripping hard cock and slowly grab it and lean in, and on tip toes since he’s so much taller I reach up and kiss him square on the mouth. His eyes close and he is really into this very quickly. Meanwhile, I’m fumbling with my other hand to put lean the phone up against a bowl of fruit. Think I got it just right. I take my now freed up right hand and start to both pull down his pants and underwear and guide him away from the kitchen island counter to the wall counter side. Now, my phone should be filming him and his reactions as I go make my way kissing down his smooth, muscular, near hairless perfect chest. I’m down to his belly button, so perfect and tan his six pack abs are what dreamy hunks dream of having.

I’ve made it down to the base of his cock now. It’s hard and springing up. I kiss from the base to the tip. He’s got just a little precum still at the tip, I lick and suck at just the tip, hungrily trying to get more precummies as a treat. All this time I’m resisting touching myself. OMG one little touch an my little cock clitty would probably just explode and fill my panties and biker shorts with my well curated sweet treats. Yes, I eat a special diet some days so that when I rub my clitty to Orgasm I can more fully enjoy my tasty rewards. Today was one of those days and I’m not going to waste this. My plan continues to unfold in my mind.

Now I turn him sideways a bit and while starting to lick up and down, stroking his shaft and doing the ultimate sissy boi move, take his balls in mouth, I snatch a peek and can see that my phone’s camera looks to be pointing at us with just the right angle. This gives my clitty cock a twitch and I feel a bit of my pre cummy treat leak out.

I’m gripping his cock, squeezing it and stroking it slowly while keeping just the head of his engorged member firmly in my mouth, keeping a strong suction on him while flicking my tongue just below the tip of his penis, the man’s most erogenous zone where the shaft and the glans meet. Mmm, I’m moaning which is also giving a vibration to this whole exercise and he’s starting to wiggle his hips like he wants to pull out but his big strong hands gripping my head now and holding me tightly in place says otherwise. He’s now ready, I can taste him leaking on the tip of my tongue now, I’m licking and darting across the little tunnel that will deliver my cummy rewards. Oh Goddess Lana, if you could see me now, you’d be so proud. All your lessons and audios are so paying off now, you’re instructions with all those monies and more right now!

He’s starting to push harder and harder into my mouth, I had both hands on his cock trying to keep him from shoving his whole huge dick into my throat but I’m overcome with desire now as is he, my arms and hands are now wrapped around his massive strong thighs, my pefect length manicured nails are lightly digging into his inner thighs and I feel the more I do this the more he flexes. He’s so close now, he’s panting and stroking me loving and lustfully as I feel him slowing down. It’s happening! I finally get to enjoy the full taste and pleasure of having a beautiful alpha male cumming in my trained sissy boi mouth. Good thing I’ve practiced deep throating with my wife’s many dildos, again, thank you Goddess!

Here he comes, he’s pulling out, oh now, please please I’m saying, “Please cum in my mouth baby, pleeease”, and he does, he hold my mouth open with one hand, my hands still gripping his thighs, and he strokes his cock with the other, letting just the first dribbles of his cum into my mouth, head leaned back the cum runs down the tip of my tongue and is making it way across my tonsils, down my throat and his next pumped loads are more quickly following down as well. I’m in ecstasy right now… and I have this all on video so I can relive it again and again later. Right now, though he’s not done, he’s now pumping his cock harder and faster and another couple large loads erupt and pour across my face, onto my forehead, between my eyes, down my cheeks, under my nose mmm I can smell his strong salty chowder all over my face and in my mouth now. I love what he does next, while my hands have relaxed now and slid down to just holding his calves and staring up into his peaceful wistful handsome face I feel a huge surge of adoration for him as he then takes his cock and uses it as a spatula to scoop all his cum down and into my mouth. He says, “Good boy, it your cummies and” and just then his cellphone rings. He looks around, I see him pause for a moment while looking towards my phone, a quick suspicious glance and the guilty cum whore look on my face and pulls up his pants and finds his phone in his pocket. Answers it with a, “yeah?” and is now very business like and grabs a towel, hands it to me, points to the floor in front of me and mouths the words, “WAIT HERE”, I just just eagerly nod my head, cum still dripping down my chin as I slowly bring up the towel to wipe my face off.

He leaves the kitchen. I quickly get up, grab my phone, stop the video, open Google Photos to start the upload just in case he forces me to give up my phone. Oh snap, did he see it? All sorts of scenarios are running through my head, should I just go, should I stay should I… I just instinctively go back to where he was pointing, stick the phone in my waist band, and kneel and wait for his return. It wasn’t long. He was back and had a nice dress shirt on and an unknotted tie wrapped laying across his chest. He finishes his call with a, “Yep”, taps the red button on the phone to hang up and immediately his eyes go to mine as he puts the phone back in his pocket, still looking at me, walking toward me, still staring into my eyes with a mostly blank but still kind look on his face. He gets to me and says, “Stand up.” I do so, quickly and gracefully. I’m swaying a bit toward him. I’m biting my lip just a bit. I so want to kiss him again. He leans in a bit closer, puts his hand up under my chin like you’ve seen in so many romantic movies before the leading man kisses the girl and he says, “I feel like you’re up to something here, but at the moment I’ve got bigger fish to fry. You’ve been a good boi for me today. You will be doing this again.” I start to smile and nod in agreement, but he then grips my lower jaw, gently but firmly and says, “That was not question, that was a statement” … “Yes sir”, I say. He liked that response, I got a little corner of a smile just then. “Good,” he says and leans in and gives me a passionate but teasingly quick open mouth kiss. I’m left wanting more. My little clitty cock is now just a little sopping wet semi right now, still tingling and ready to cum at a moments notice. If he would just let me I would rub it and cum on his kitchen floor and lick it up at his feet right now. But that doesn’t happen. Instead he turns and leaves and says over his shoulder, “Go home now, watch your little video and enjoy yourself. But if you ever share that video with anyone, you won’t have anything left to enjoy when I’m done with you.” He laughs a laugh that has my confused of if he is joking or not and realize not as I sat there a second too long and I hear him yell from the distant front of his house, “Go!” and door slams shut. I get up and move so fast that I don’t hear his squealing tires until I’m at my own backdoor. Mmm, now it’s time to raid my wife’s toy box and really get “to my own backdoor” … mmm, hopefully all those pineapples I ate this morning will make my cummies reward sweet like my cookies. Doh! Never got my sugar, guess I will try one of my other neighbors later. *Wink and a nod*

anonymous sissy
Goddess Lana,
I started out being a submissive male in BDSM 15 years ago.  My first encounter was with a dominant MF couple in a motel room.  We got naked and it wasn’t long before he took my head and pulled it to his handsome hard cock.  I’d never done anything with a man before and I wasn’t sure what I was in for.  But I submitted and took his cock in my mouth.  I was shocked at how good it felt in my mouth.  I really liked sucking it.  Later on she lubed my sissy cunt and he slid in and fucked me.  It felt wonderful.  After that I considered myself a bi submissive, and had several other encounters with dominant women, men, and couples.
Than a while ago I stumbled across Your Sissy Boi POI Bi Confusion Game video.  It mesmerized me.  I loved it.  It is an excellent video, Goddess Lana.  The second time I watched it I was answering Your questions out loud as I watched.  (OK.  Yes.  Yes.  I’m the girl sucking.  I want to give the blowjob.  I want to eat the cum.  I want to hold his cock.  I want to taste his cum.  I’m on my knees.)  I’ve since watched many of Your videos and joined Camp Sissy Boi.  Your videos are amazing, Goddess Lana.  That was when I realized that I was not a bi submissive, but a sissy.  I want to be a girl and suck a real man’s cock on my knees and eat his cum.  And I’ve begun to eat my own cum when I orgasm while playing with my little sissy clit.
Thank You, Goddess Lana.  It was You that made me realize that I’m a sissy and embrace my sissyness.  Thank You, Goddess Lana.
anonymous sissy

I bought a pair of pretty pink panties. (I’m a size 5.) I walked by the pantie area several times furtively looking for a pair that I wanted. When I finally decided I walked by and quickly grabbed the bright pink panties in my size and hid them in my shopping cart. I bought them in the self checkout area when no one was around and quickly put them in the bag. When I got home I tried them on and loved them. I’ve worn them under my clothes several times. I like the way they feel, and there’s plenty of room in them for my little sissy clit. I love knowing I’m wearing panties and no one else even suspects it. I’m going to wear them the first chance I get to suck a real man’s cock like a girl. When I strip naked in front of my man I’ll first take off my pants (a long dress shirt will still cover the panties), then my socks, then I’ll unbutton my shirt and as I take it off my pretty pink panties will be revealed. I can’t wait to see my man’s face and hear what he has to say. Then I’ll get on my knees and be a good little sissy slut for my man.

anonymous sissy

As time went on and the girl who was supposed to blow all the guys had not shown up, I went back to my car, pulled out my make up and wig, and prepared myself.  I found the organizers and said that I would volunteer to blow every guy.  At first, they were not so sure, but I volunteered to audition.  The organizer agreed and unzipped his pants and I dropped to my knees.  I looked right into his eyes and put my lips around him and took him all in at once, as any good c*ck-sucker would do!  I went at him feverishly, sucking, stroking and licking.  Paying careful attention to his entire manhood.  In fairly short order he blew his load, I made sure to get every drop and then licked the tip clean.  The grin on his face was incredible! He zipped up his pants and led me to the front of the line.  As I blew one, I used one hand to start fondling another!  I wanted to keep them coming.  All in all a very full tummy at the end of my night, and a few phone numbers as well.

Sissy Jenny

I LOVE cum!! If even one drop of my sissy squirt hits the ground I get very sad. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s a real bummer. I can generally cum 3 or 4 times in a good session. Already came in my mouth once this morning 😉 mmmmmm. My clitty is big again as I type this and ready to squirt right in my cum dumpster mouth. I’m gonna go get my reward. Thank you for all this awesome content. Definitely one of my favorite most viewed web sites. Keep it cumming!

Anonymous Sissy

Good morning Boss,

Hope you are doing great.  Wanted to tell you that i have really big economics problems in my house. So the paycheck i get from you every month it isn’t enough for me. So i was thinking of you getting me a promotion and i will give you something every day, anyway, anytime. We can take this personal and it would be a secret between YOU and ME. No one has to know that I could give you blowjobs every day, whenever you wish to. I’m pretty sure that I’m better than you old wife. She hasn’t got that tight hole you are looking for now, but I have that. And a nice pretty warm mouth too.

So if you’re interested in getting a nice blowjob every day from this pretty slut here, you know what to do. ,)

Renee Summers

Dear Sir,

I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me – the way you sneak a glimpse at my arse when I bend over, the way your eyes are magnetically drawn to my cleavage, even though you’re a good foot taller than me. I think we can find a way to make this work to both our advantages.

I’ve also noticed that you’ve been quite stressed lately. I think you could use a little relief – imagine me running my manicured fingers along your package, caressing it, nuzzling it, licking it, sucking it. I think some daily treatment could definitely help you unwind. All I ask in return is for a promotion.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this exciting new business opportunity. 😉


Anonymous Sissy

Mr Harris,

I saw your posting that your secretary position was now open. I have been working really hard as the receptionist for several years and I hope you will consider me for the position. It’s a great promotion and I think I am perfect for the job.

I am ready and willing to go the extra mile and work extra HARD for you, and in this role I will be able to show you many of my additional talents and skills I can use to help the company. I will be completely at your disposal everyday, and willing to put in LONG hours after hours and on the weekends if you request 😉

I know your job can be really stressful and I can do everything you need to help release that stress and tension at work, and I have great strategies for helping to seal the deal with those big clients I see you taking out every week!

Please let me know you’ll consider me for the job Mr Harris, you won’t regret the decision!

sissy boi andrea

dear boss its me sissy boi andrea)

im willing to suck you off daily
blow your cock
so i can get a raise
boss im willing to be your cock sucking bitch

Anonymous Sissy

After my Sister Mistress Jenny. Started my permanent Feminization she forced me to get permanent Makeup. Black eyeliner. Lip liner. Lip color pink. Blush. My brows were permanently removed. Then she took me to a doctor and had me get DD CUP BREAST IMPLANTS. Then she started me on Estrogen. She epoxy glued latex VAGINA PANTIES on me permanently with a cathider so l was forced to pee sitting down like a girl. She made me wear a Tampon and a Kotex pad 24/7. I worked full time as a cocktail waitress and the former waitress became the manager. She really enjoyed punishing me for anything. She would bend me over a table and whip me in front of the customers while they laughed and humiliated me. She pimped me out about 40 Times a night to guys to suck their cocks or get fucked. She even made me give table, lap dances. And tity dance on stage. My Mistress then moved her best friend Susan she was 13. Now MISTRESS SUSAN. She enjoyed keeping me dressed as a 2 year old little sissy Girl. And made me carry a baby Doll,and suck a pacifier. Days at a time. They forced me to ride in a baby seat. And lead me around by a pink baby harness and Raines. Sucking a pacifier and carrying my baby doll. Also Mistress SUSAN started toilet training me, she really enjoyed forcing me to submit as her personal toilet bowl. And inviting their girlfriends daughters over around 3 to 5 years old. And making me play with our baby dolls. And when any of the little girls got mad they were allowed to punish me. And l had to ask them when l needed to go tinkle. And they made me sit in a pink potty chair. In front of everyone. .

Anonymous Sissy

The first time I put a cock in my mouth was in a video previewing booth. I was watching a movie and someone was blowing in the cut out hole in the wall. I didn’t know what the hole was for….I thought it was for peeking. A man opened the door and came in and asked if he could watch with me, I said yes. He had a white shirt on, was clean shaven, and smelled good of cologne. It looked like he was going home from work. He took his cock out of his pants and started to feel my cock through my Jean shorts. My cock was growing fast. I saw many videos of men sucking cock and knew one day I wanted to try it.. well today was that day. I sat in the little stool that was there. His cock was rock hard and my heart was racing. He stopped touching his cock and put it on front of my face which meant to me he wanted me to suck his cock. I grabbed and held his big thick cock in my hands. I smelled it and it had a nice scent to it. I licked his dickhead and tasted his precum…it tasted ok for the first time. I put his cock in my mouth and started going back and forth on his big hairy cock. He touched and pinched my nipples, touched me all over my head, back and chest. His cock was dripping with my saliva as he started pumping my face. Then he stopped and held my hand with both of his hands as he shot streams of hot cum in my mouth for the first time. It filled my mouth and i started to swallow his load, he pulled his cock out and was able to gulp most of it down…the rest slipped out on my chin. He was so happy with big smiles on his face. He said thank you, zipped up his pants and left. I saw him walk to the exit and the manager had to unlock the door. That was the first time I sucked a cock.

Anonymous Sissy

OH MY GOD !!!!! Goddess Lana ! Where do I begin ? I’ll just start on my arrival at her place . She opens the door fully crossed dressed , I would have thought was a woman for sure , if I didn’t know better and the massive bulge in her tight yoga pants . I introduced myself , she calls herself Mistress Kara . Tells me almost immediately to get on my knees ! I obey of course. Her huge bulge inches from my face . She plops out her massive boner then begins to slap my face with it . Telling me she is going to have her way with my mouth and throat . Almost just like in your audio ! Suck it bitch she tells me , so I have no choice , my mouth watering, I start sucking her BIG COCK ! She grabs the back of my head , again like in your audio, forcing me down on it . I gag like a little bitch. She enjoys making me gag on it, I can tell . I can feel her cock throbbing between my lips . Then she stops and sits down on the couch . Tells me to come over get my head between her legs and rest her legs on my shoulders. Tells me to begin to suck again , I obey of course . I can here your voice in my head “ gag on it , like a little bitch!” She then grabs the back of my head and tightens her legs on my neck . I realize I’m trapped, as then she says I got you now , you Sissy bitch ! Then begins to totally use my mouth and throat for her pleasure ! Pumping her hips a bit and forcing my head up and down , gagging me continuously. I can feel her cock getting extremely hard as it throbs even more . I realize she has to be close to exploding or at least I’m hoping , cause she’s fucking the living shit out of my mouth and throat . I’m gagging gasping for air , spit and slobber everywhere. Then I here her say here it comes BITCH ! She holds my head down as she moans and blows what has to be the biggest cum load ever down my throat . Well I couldn’t quite handle the explosion , the first shot maybe , the second one possibly, but the third shot and beyond was too much ! I snort gag on it and her cum literally shoots out of my freaking nose !!! TWICE !!! My eyes are watering cum running out of my nose down into my mouth . She says your a Sissy Bitch now , I just inducted you . I couldn’t even talk I just shook my head yes . All the time I was rubbing my Sissy clit and had cum in my panties when She was exploding almost drowning me in cum . She tells me to not clean up and drive home with her cum dripping from my nose to further humiliate me . I was exhausted by the time I got back . Hope you enjoyed my experience you had a big part convincing me to become the Sissy Cum Slut I now am . Thanks again Goddess Lana ! Hope to hear from you soon !

Anonymous Sissy

I recently registered ‘camp sissy boi’
And I got a new assignment on last Friday.
But this assignment is the seventh,
so I’m going to do my first homework.

My first assignment was to eat my cum.
Honestly, it was really hard. Was it hard to eat? No, my body was not flexible, so it was hard to put my cock in your mouth.

I watched the video and inserted my fingers in my ass while I was sucking my cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long for me to cum in my mouth.

At first I was embarrassed, but it was really exciting.

Anonymous Sissy

It was about 12 years ago . I had met this women named Misty . She was a larger women but attractive. We got along good for a while but once she moved in with me it didn’t go so well . One day we were having an argument about her owing me money for rent , ect . We couldn’t agree , so she suggested we wrestle . If I won she would pay me what she owed , if she won she didn’t have to pay up , but I did . Pay up ? I asked . She told me if I make you submit or render you unconscious in a wrestling match , she would force me to take a double facial from her stepdad and stepbrother . Well I really needed the money and I figured how strong can she be ? So I agreed to wrestle to settle our disagreement. We moved the furniture out of the way so we had some room to do this . So we started to wrestle, I immediately realized I might be in trouble for she was much stronger than I anticipated. She got me in a headlock and was squeezing the crap out of me ! I began to get lightheaded, and couldn’t breath very well . Then she let me go , I was about to tap out but I guess she wanted to make me suffer a bit more . I went for a leg take down but being so dazed from the headlock I missed and she then got me and applied a head scissors . I was in deep trouble , her legs were large and quite strong . She began to apply more and more pressure, squeezing me tighter and tighter . Then she tells me to tap out bitch , just tap ! Submit ! Submit to me ! Since I could hardly breath and was in quite a bit of pain , close to being rendered unconscious, I submitted , tapping on her leg like my life depended on it ! She doesn’t let me out but loosens her scissor hold a bit , reaches for her phone , just is able to get to it . She makes a call , says , oh yes I got him , he submitted. He will be begging for your loads by the time you 2 get here . Just as I’m thinking begging? She squeezes again , even more than before !! Immediately I say please no ! No more , I can’t take it ! Beg for there cum , bitch ! Beg for it ! Please no ! I say . You know you want a face full, beg for it!! She squeezes tighter ! Ok , ok ! Please give me there cum right in my face ! I want it , I want there cum ! I want a facial ! Please Misty make me take a cum facial ! Good bitch she tells me as she lets me go . I’m totally out of it having been almost unconscious several times . Just laying there, they arrive, up on your knees bitch . She orders me . I do as she says . They both walk over , get in front of me and pull there cocks out . They begin to stroke them right in my face . They both must have been really horny or ready cause they got hard in no time . By now Misty is behind me holding my head , making sure I don’t cum dodge and coaching them on as the jack there cocks . It’s not long and I can see precum leaking from them . She tells them to rub it on my face , like a pre facial . Then they slap my face with there big rock hard cocks ! I can tell they are both very close as they continue stroking , feverishly . Then stepdad says I’m gonna cum ! Misty tells him shoot it shoot it right in his face ! I just close my eyes , then feel hot shot after hot shot of cum hitting my forehead, face , even up my nose !! I can hear Misty laughing as he unloads all over my face ! I need to breath so I open my mouth to get a breath , as step brother says, ohh ohhh I’m gonna cum . Shoot it , shoot it right in his mouth , Misty tells him . I try to close my mouth , but Misty pulls my hair forcing me to open it again . I can feel hot cum hitting the back of my throat , causing me to gag . I hear Misty laughing an almost evil laugh . That’s when I realize I’ve got an erection . Misty sees that I’m hard tells me to jerk off as the cum drips from my face . So I of course obey , and stroke it . She decides to make a video of me stroking off with cum all over my face . Tells me to say how much I love it ! Then I have the most intense orgasm ever ! It was then I new I had no choice but to become a Sissy cock sucking cum swallowing slut ! Sorry it was so long Goddess, but had to tell the whole

Anonymous Sissy

I can’t control myself I love to suck dick I love crossdressing why my wife’s at work posting ads on line for men to come over and blowbang my throat. I recently got involved with a couple of black men well 20 2223 huge dick and they pretty much dominated me made me start telling my wife that I wanted to suck dick and watch her get fucked and be there sissy boy cuckold she will not go for it but I am hypnotized and very much would like to suck every men I come across I have asked just about every one of them that I thought would go for it go out to Savannah Georgia and walk around with lipstick eyelashes nails wig and skimpy skimpy outfit ass hanging out I’ve got long legs bubble butt somewhat passable but all God I love going into the bathroom and swallowing whatever I’m told I need help I want to eat dick I want to nurse out come I will do it all day and all night curl up in the fetal position and swallow deep as I can down my throat let Daddy pissing my throat I want it all I want my ass I want to be a girl I want to be a girl I want to suck dick I want to suck dick I need cum I love tasting come I have a strong desire for cum I need it and I want can you help please help

Anonymous Sissy

Hello. I bought some panties and wore them in public like you wanted me to. It felt great. They were softer and tighter than boxers. I also loved the feeling of sweat in them. It kept making me hard.

Anonymous Sissy

I am not really experienced in this whole sissification process, and your content is helping me very much! I am only a recently discovered little sissy, and I haven’t yet mastered the courage to do your recent assignments (even if I now manage to eat my own cum regularly, thanks to you ^^), but I am sure that I will soon be able too!

Anonymous Sissy

I was 15 years old (no internet on those times) and i was watching a porn magazine. I remember when i saw the advertisment pages i was mindblowed by a picture of a shemale. My mind couldn’t understand the image of that beautifull brunette with a monster cock, but my dick reacted with an incredible hard on. At that moment i was on vacations at Uruguay, but that image never get out of my head. When i arrived home, at Buenos Aires (Argentina), i got the newspaper, searched for the escort section, and called and met the first shemale in my life. I sucked cock, get fucked, and fucked her too, and i repeated this sessions with several shemales for five years or so. That was till i met Ivana.

Ivana was just another shemale in my list, at least that was what i thought before i met her. But when i did, she forced me to my knees and made me suck her cock, till she came on my mouth. Then she fucked me all night long while constantly verbal humiliating me.

She told me that i was a sissy bitch, HER sissy bitch, and she made me cum only by sitting on my face, forcing me to lick her ass and smell her farts, while telling me i was already her sissy slave. She cleaned my cum from my chest with her cock, sat on my chest and made me clean my own cum from her dick by putting it in my mouth. She laughed to her tears when she saw my cock was hard again and she called me a pathetic sissy, a slut that get aroused by humiliation.

I remember i went back home ashamed of what happened but exited at the same time. She told me that if i call her again i had to be prepared to be humiliated, degraded and treated like a whore.
Since that day i became her bitch and done any sort of things for her amuse. Now she is living in Spain and i didn’t see her again, but she showed me that i am a sissy slut and get exited when being humiliated and degraded.

That’s pretty much my story, i’m 34 years old now and my mind gets every day more dirty.

Anonymous Sissy

Greetings Lana , I bought a new pair of pink panties today and I’ll be wearing them to work tonight.. I love sissy camp

Anonymous Sissy

I completed the first Sissy Boi Assignment. I have tried in the past but chickened out every time before this. This time I put on a condom while I masturbated. It honestly felt good and the video was SO hot which means that I busted fairly quickly. This time with all of my spunk collected in my condom, I closed my eyes and sent it down. I swallowed it quickly. VERY strong taste…honestly harder than I thought to swallow but felt so naughty once finished!

Anonymous Sissy

I completed my first assignment (eating my own cum). Although i don’t do it on my daily basis, it wasn’t my first time either. I don’t know if you need proof of it, if you do, please let me know and i’ll see what i can do.
I couldn’t do it every day of the week, but i did eat it seven times (3 from a glass, 1 directly cumming to my mouth, 2 from my hand and 1 in a sandwich, with a hamburguer).

I’m looking foward to complete my next assignment!!

Anonymous Sissy

It wasn’t until recently at the age of 47 did I allow my feelings of being a sissy to be let out. I have always had a fascination with lingerie but truly loved to see it on women. I saw a sissy hypno video online one day and something just triggered and I realized that I wanted to be like those sissies in the video. I bought my first pair several months later after several tries where I chickened out. The feeling of those panties was like losing my virginity all over again. I started wearing them under my clothes and wearing stockings with them. I got my first taste of cock as a sissy just 6 short months ago and I know this is who I truly am inside and love to play whenever I can.

Anonymous Sissy

when i used to live in los Angeles my sissy side came out when my big sister gave me a makeup she put lipstick on my lips and put mascara needless to the folks of mine were not enthralled I look like a slut

After that a few days later my neighbor had painted my toes

Anonymous Sissy

This was 10 plus years ago. I was doing laundry in my apartment building. When I put my cloths in the dryer, I noticed a black cotton thong. It was from Victoria’s Secret. No one was there, I had no idea who they belonged to. When I left, I took them and changed into them in my apartment. It made me feel slutty. I wore them all day. When I went to retrieve my laundry, I thought it may be exciting if someone was there. But there wasn’t.

Anonymous Sissy

i think i have always had a sissy submissive side. when i hit puberty and began experimenting sexually, i always felt sexier if i had some satin or lace on my skin. when i masturbated to porno magazines or images of Women, i always imagined being them. i have tried to deny by desires and purged several times. i always come back to being a sissy bimbo slut when i get hungry Goddess Lana. i first wrote stories and kept porno magazines to imagine being a slutty bimbo. then i started buying lingerie, sex toys, and makeup. soon i had dildo’s to suck on, plugs and vibrators for my sissy pussy, and makeup to feel feminine. anytime i become horny and need to dress like a big titted bimbo slut. being called nasty names and treated like a bimbo by Alpha Men and Goddess Women makes me so hot!

Anonymous Sissy

Well, i did my assignment! i bought my new pair of panties and i feel so slutty and naughty and weak and girly when i wear them under my regular clothes. Thank You so much for making me do it!!!!

Anonymous Sissy

Today I went to the store to buy some new panties. I got 3 pairs, black, purple and pink Miss Lana. It was very embarrassing Miss Lana, the check out girl said “ooo your girlfriend will love these… ” I wanted to feel the humiliation so I said “I’m single.” She looked shocked then tried to stifle a laugh but couldn’t help herself. I felt myself go bright red, said “thank you Miss” I paid and walked out with my clit aching in its little cage.

Anonymous Sissy

This little horny sissy slut completed your assignment proudly. I stroked my little boi clit while digging out my boy pussy with 2 fingers. All while on my knees in the shower begging out loud for daddy to give his little fuck toy his hot delicious load. I pulled my fingers out of my boi pussy and came hard into the hand i’d been fucking myself with screaming and moaning in pleasure like a whore. I took my cum and ass juice soaked hand and rubbed it all over my face and licking my boi pussy juice and every last drop of cum from my fingers hungrily. I so wish it was a real mans hot thick load all over my slut face

Anonymous Sissy

How I found I love sissy life, I had a gf who loved sitting on my face after I came in her. I loved eating her out and loved it more when she fingered my ass. When I found sissy videos/media online I was hooked……

Anonymous Sissy

Hi Miss Lana,

Today I went to the store to buy some new panties. I got 3 pairs, black, purple and pink Miss Lana. It was very embarrassing Miss Lana, the check out girl said “ooo your girlfriend will love these… ” I wanted to feel the humiliation so I said “I’m single.” She looked shocked then tried to stifle a laugh but couldn’t help herself. I felt myself go bright red, said “thank you Miss” I paid and walked out with my clit aching in its little cage.

Roxysissygurl “Fetlife”

If you are a sissy and you know it suck a cock!
If you are a sissy and you know it suck a cock!
Get an Alpha erect and firm
Feed on lots of Alpha sperm
Now get a cage and lock your sissy cock

Anonymous Sissy

My biggest fantasy is to meet a guy who blackmails me with a hidden camera after I’ve sucked his cock. He would force me to come back over and over, and each time I would be given a pill and told to dress up for him. This would continue until the changes would be unmistakable to my wife. She would then take him as her bull and I would be relegated to a fluffer and cleanup. As my body became more and more feminine, They would pimp me out to their friends.

Anonymous Sissy

Today, I was able to ride my dildo (7 inch insertable life like) for 47 minutes before I had to touch myself. When I was about to cum, I flipped over on my back and and jerked my clitty with one hand aiming at my face and the other hand still pumping my dildo in me. I came the most I ever have knowing that I was doing this and telling someone about it. It landed mostly in my mouth and then splashed into my eyes and hair.

Anonymous Sissy

To be honest i dont know when i discovered my sissy self. It may have been the first time i tried cum out of curiosity but now i cant exactly get into it. I have the imagination and mind to do it but i cant physically get myself to do it. I constantly think about being used, dressing like a girl, being an obedient sissy and it turns me on but i cant get myself to do it but i hope by doing these weekly task that i can progressively improve and fulfill my desires

Anonymous Sissy

So I got in the shower and started to rub my clitty also to get me going I started to finger my boi pussy so I eventually worked my self to the point of ejaculation I tried my best to hit my self in the face but I missed and hit my belly so I cleaned it up and it was a big load and put it on my hand and smeared it all over my face it felt so good and I even think it made my skin softer

Anonymous Sissy

This is late and i failed to eat my cum. I have desires to act like a girl both sexually and casually but i cant seem to act on them. I usually will have the desire to eat my cum and drown in cum whether its my own or others and to be used as a sex toy but i just cant get into it once ive orgasmed. Help me express my sissy self to the fullest extent.

Anonymous Sissy

So I desired to order some panties on amazon they got here and I was so excited I decided to take the pink camo out for a spin I frist was neverous afarid someone who I know will see me so I go to places I never go and walked around a couple of shops. As I walked around I just loved how it felt as the thong just rode up every time I bend down. As I walked around a local shop I saw something that caught my eye on the bottom shelf. Not thinking I been at the waist and my panties clearly become visible. I didn’t think anything of it and continue shopping i then as a guy I knew and said hi then saw something I needed on the top shelf so I reach to grab it revealing my panties and I’m sure he saw them and that’s how my outing went

Anonymous Sissy

haven’t checked my e-mail in awhile so I’m just a little late to my sissy assignment… but I completed the first week’s assignment it and I enjoyed eating my own cum!
Also.. I need some advice on how to make my cum taste better because I want to eat it regularly! Hope you can help me!

For the second week’s assignment:
I discovered my sissy side when I curiously decided to wear my older sister’s panties.. the feeling was unreal, the silk touching up my legs was such a turn on and my little clitty became hard.
After that I started hiding her older lingerie and started wearing them and it’s such an enjoyable experience!

Anonymous Sissy

I went out to the store wearing some of my Sissy things under my clothes today . It felt amazing ! I felt like such a Sissy slut ! I think I have completed all of my Camp Sissy Boi assignments . I’m such a Cum craving Sissy slut ! Hot cum ! Yummy yum yum !

Anonymous Sissy

I took a shower tonight and jerked my cock. I shot fun in the palm of my right hand; because I’m left handed. I squeezed my cock head to get every pearl drop of jizm.

I took my left hand and placed them together like I was praying. I smeared my cum in both hands and fingers then placed them on my face. I spread my fun evenly on my face, eyes, nose, and lips. I then licked each hand and their fingers and tasted my cum….I am still nervous about eating my own cum.

Anonymous Sissy

Goddess Lana.

For some inspiration, I watched the video clip you sent with the first assignment. It got me hot and horny, so I ran into the shower and played with myself imagining you commanding me to suck a big cock!. I shot my load into my hand then wiped it all over my face pretending it was coming for the cock I was sucking. And then, you would have been sooo proud of me, Bonus!! I scooped it off my face and into my mouth and ate it!

Anonymous Sissy

I love it ! Very excellent work ! I can’t help myself , so I’m on my way to suck off the hung horny CD ! Be funny if her/his name is Samantha or Sam . Lol 😂. Hope I can handle the load ! Thanks again Goddess Lana ! I will let you know how it goes . I’m already drooling 🤤!

Love Justine

Hello it’s justine again my story is like most grew up loved trying on my mothers and sisters panties dresses and makeup. Then I got older I stumbled upon sissy Hypnos and captions got really into them then where the plot thickens is when I was dating my last girlfriend. She always said how cute I would look as a girl so one day I told her to make me pretty lol and after that one time it continued and she dress me up a lot I would pretend to hate it but i was in heaven and that’s my story hope u like it and feel free to share if u want

Anonymous Sissy

love how the thong rubs over my shaved asshole, tried fucking myself till i came, just cant quite do it without rubbing my clitty

Anonymous Sissy

i wore my purple lace panties under my clothes as i volunteered at a fest yesterday. i kept getting so hard thinking about things and had to get my mind elsewhere 😬😬

Anonymous Twink

It started with a little hypnosis fetish, then I found Sissyfacation and fell in love. I’m a twink who’s been teetering on the edge of completely giving in too afraid to take the last steps and be a good boi

Anonymous Sissy

Assignment A. The first time I had cock in my mouth I was on my knees looking up and begging, he finally put it in my mouth and I sucked hard, fondliing his balls and licking him, he wasnt a big cummer unfortunately, was looking forward to a big load in my mouth, I was a lil disappointed.

Anonymous Sissy

I never really thought I was a sissy until about 2 years ago when I left for college but that was just me learning the term sissy. Otherwise when I was about twelve I found this fun hypnosis website that was focused on turning girls lesbian and turning males into girls because females are so much more attractive. I was hooked almost immediately and I tried tricking myself that I was there to read the lesbian stories but every single time I visited it I re-read a transition story about a male becoming a cock slut. I loved it, and after 8 years I still go back at least once every month to read that story, and that made me realize how much I want to be broken like the slut in the story.
Unfortunately I don’t have any real social media accounts, always hated the idea of people just reading about small aspects of my life and acting like they knew me, but as soon as I’m able to shave I will be sending you a picture.

Anonymous Sissy

My biggest fantasy

I get home from a long day I can wait to get all femmed up I walk to the door and a notes on there it’s says I know ur secrecy meet me here if u want me to keep it and bring all ur stuff and attached to it has a pic of me dressed up in lingerie. So I go to the address on the note and waiting for me is a note on a big box I walk into the room the box was in seeing it I instantly go to i the door shuts and the women I’ve had a crush on forever comes from behind the door and says hi Justine.

She then goes into telling me how pretty of a sissy I would make and how much cock we could suck together. I stand there in shock and excitement she is then ask me to show her my collection it’s not a lot just some clothes breast forms and a wig. She looks over it and says this just won’t do and then hands me the box inside the box was a bunch of gift cards to places like Victoria secret Macy’s forever 21 and many other women’s clothes shops. Also in the box was a bunch of dildos plugs and a Chasity device. She says frist things first lets cage that last bit of manhood she then cages me and say it time for a shopping trip and we go out buy a bunch of clothes lingerie

makeup shoes and why we are at the mall we got get our nails and hair done. After the mall trip he go back the address of we’re we met and she say makeover time and makes me look like a cheap hooker.

Then she says she has another surprise and we hear a knock on the door and in walks a group of studs each cuter than the other and it erupts in to a big orgy cum everywhere every hole stuffed with Huge cocks and after the night me and my new girlfriend become a couple of gloryhole girls and I begin my full time life as a sissy

sissy cum slut slave Fran

I’m your sissy cum slut slave Fran. I don’t think I’ve written you before but I began the challenge last night and needed to update you.
I’m afraid I didn’t last very long last night Mistress, but I will do better tonight. I put the dildo suction cup on the tile in my shower, toyed it’s head over the lips to my cunt for a minute or so then slid the big head inside. The whole time my little clit became harder and harder and after I had settled the cock inside me for a moment, I pushed it deep inside me and, as usual for me, a huge stream of precum flowed out. I caught most in my hand and lapped it up loving every drop! I do love the taste of my precum! Then I began slowly to rock back and forth on it, closed my eyes and imagined myself being taken by man needing my ass and wanting to breed. After only about four or five minutes, my clitty began to ache and begged for relief so I had to reach down and stroke. I don’t think I lasted more than a minute and then had a beautiful squirt, long and hard!
I think from the beginning to when I needed to stroke myself was nine minutes so tonight I will do better. I’ve already decided that I will imagine you standing next to me as I get my cunt pounded ordering me to wait and enjoy.
I will keep you updated Mistress.

Anonymous Sissy

Saturday I went out and bought mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick. I spent the whole day Sunday with my face clad in these items. It was exhilarating. Lucky for me no one stopped by so I was not discovered with these things on, but I do think that I could probably get away with wearing the mascara to work. I may try that tomorrow!! I am so excited to have new additions!

Anonymous Sissy

hi mistress, i ate my cum a lot of time and i really enjoy it, it makes me feel realy naughty and a cumslut

Anonymous Sissy

I already buy lipstick and eye shadow and eyeliner and I have stolen panties from girlfriends, from laundry piles, and off clotheslines. And I have sucked cock — but, admittedly, not enough. And it’s been some time since I had a nice dick in my mouth; perhaps I could do the Truth portion of the assignment. I admit I think about sucking cock when I’m running around in my pretty pink panties and matching bra. I get really hot and horny for dick when I slip into my heels and apply some lurid dickloving red lipstick. Even tho I haven’t sucked any dick in a long, long (too long) time I must admit that I am a panty and bra wearing sissy cocksucker. See, I admitted it. I am a sissy. I wear panties and bras. I love cock and balls; love to suck dick. I am a sissy cocksucker

Anonymous Sissy

Hi Lana, we haven’t communicated in a bit, I am 100% sissy boy looking at how to give a better blowjob. I have been with a bunch of guys, Sometimes more than one at a time. Just trying to get better at my skill of keeping my guy’s dick down my throat for a long time. Especially in the morning when he wakes up.

cum slut Frannie

Hi again Mistress. This is your sissy cum slut Frannie again to report on my efforts last evening. I did much better last night keeping my filthy hands off my clit for 15 minutes before needing relief. I think I was helped by thinking of you telling I must resist and that I would be punished if I didn’t resist for at least 5 more minutes. I also switched things up a bit by sitting on my dildo instead of sticking it on the wall. I love to ride my dildo and watch my little clit flop around while my dildo pumps my cunt. In fact, I think if I had waited only a few more minutes I may have cum, hands-free. I’ll try again tonight and go a little longer!

Anonymous Sissy

Hello mistress! I’ve been practicing and I can ride my largest dildo hands free for over 15 minutes before getting tired. I still haven’t been able to cum hands free yet but I’m getting close! I’ve started squirting out pre!

Anonymous Sissy

My Mistresses started making me go to victory secrets and steal panties by wearing them out of store. But first l had to put them on with bras and model them for everyone. Along with garter and stockings and stilleto 7″heels. And ask for help picking out a large pink 12″DILDO. And strap on. I had to wear the bra and panties and heels home. Holding my pink Dildo.

Anonymous Sissy

I love panties and i’d rather wear them than mens underwear because i feel natural wearing panties and having a small cock allows me to wear pretty sexy little panties g-strings, i love pretty ribons plnk flowers, all the details. I know i’m not a stud with a big cock, i’m ok with it. I am submissive and i am trying to fully embrace it by hypnosis i’ve been whatching cei drool hypno and really love it. I want to train to eat cum so i can start licking cream pies and licking tits covered in cum. I’m learning how good it feels to obey. I love feeling sexy. Hope you will reply to this.

Anonymous Sissy

Thank you for your weekly sissy assignments. They are truly helping me become the sissy boi I really am

Pantied princess

I also took the dare and stole a pair of pretty hot pink lace PANTIES. From j c penneys and wore them all day even at work. With a pair of ultra low rise skinny jeans. And a small teeshirt so when l bent over my panty tops wear plainly visible.

You can post this letter.

sissy boi Cameron

Hello Goddess I am sissy boi Cameron my truth for the first time I ever sucked cock I was 19 and met a very nice non passble CD with a cock larger than mine much larger as she pointed out. I got to spend a good while practicing as you pushed deeper and deeper into my virgin throat. To make it more interesting she moved around making me follow her to gush over her rock hard cock before finally coating my face in the sweet and salty nectar making sure to scoop every drop into my waiting mouth like the good sissy I knew I wanted to be.

Anonymous Sissy

Good Afternoon Mistress,

Today, I was able to ride my dildo (7 inch insertable life like) for 47 minutes before I had to touch myself. When I was about to cum, I flipped over on my back and and jerked my clitty with one hand aiming at my face and the other hand still pumping my dildo in me. I came the most I ever have knowing that I was doing this and telling someone about it. It landed mostly in my mouth and then splashed into my eyes and hair.

For assignment C:

My biggest fantasy is to meet a guy who blackmails me with a hidden camera after I’ve sucked his cock. He would force me to come back over and over, and each time I would be given a pill and told to dress up for him. This would continue until the changes would be unmistakable to my wife. She would then take him as her bull and I would be relegated to a fluffer and cleanup. As my body became more and more feminine, They would pimp me out to their friends.

Anonymous Sissy

The first time l sucked a cock was when my Sister Mistress Jenny forced me at our friend lynns house. To get on my knees in front of my best friends crouch and lower his jeans and underwear. And beg him to let me kiss and suck his cock. I was so humiliated as l thanked him for allowing me the honor of sucking a real mans cock. And tell him how good his Man cum was. And then l raised his jeans and underwear. And adjusted his cock until he told me his cock was comfortable..

Anonymous Sissy

I have never had the wonderful pleasure of taking a cock in my mouth but I think the experience would be magical I know it probably taste like wonderful goodness if anything just having it in my mouth for the cum would make it worth whiled haveing tasted my own cum in pervious assignments I can only imagine how good another mans would taste

Anonymous Sissy

The very first time I dropped to my knees a hard throbbing cock touching my lips and Jeff’s hand resting on my head I felt release I was so nervous before hand ,, the moment I swallowed first cock I became completely euphoric waiting the feal and the taste of his

Anonymous Sissy

I watched your tube site while masturbating in my bra and panties, for week 5 of training and loved it. Wish you had more training for a sissy whore like me.

Sissy Pauline (uk)

Hi Goddess Lana,

The first time I out cock in my mouth was a few years ago. I was about 3 months out of a straight relationship. I was already watching gay porn towards the end and like an addiction I couldn’t stop.

Once again that night I was watching gay porn. Incredibly horny I went on a chat site and found a gay room. I found a guy very close and arranged to meet him. We went to his place and both stripped. He had a very impressive cock and I immediately went to my knees and began sucking. We then got on his bed and 69’d until he cum in my mouth without warning. I swallowed the whole load and loved it. We lay on his bed a little longer then I left without cumming. I finished myself once I got home.

I loved the feel of his big cock in my mouth. That warm flesh filling my mouth siding back and forth and then him warm load shooting down my throat. I’ve craved it since.

Anonymous Sissy

Hello Mistress,

I apologize for not writing sooner but u know how life gets in the way !
I have successfully completed some of the challenges u issued, i.e. eating my own cum (though not always), i have bought Blossom Pink lip balm to keep lips soft, a few years back i bought casino pink lipstick as well as beige blush. I am a size 12 and wear size 7 panties, Luv thigh his, full slips and dresses the most ! I am very much closeted but over the past few years these sissy desires have become stronger ! Have always felt i had a strong femme side and luv girly pop music ! I absolutely adore outfits Kate Middleton wears !!! I luv some of ur videos on Sometime in the near future (when funds are available) will send you a few Amazon gift cards so u can send me some of ur goodies attaching them to an email !

Anonymous Sissy

Good morning Mistress,
my story is quite simple: I met a trans that fucked me like a very good girl and by then I become her fuck toy.
Some time later I began watching sissies porn and got into this mood.

Anonymous Sissy

Good morning Mistress,
my biggest fantasy is to be a woman’s slave forever: I wanna be her bitch, her sissy slut, her sissy cum whore… serve her, be humiliated and dominated, suck cock, black cok, not one but four-five at the same time.
I wanna be a very SISSY COCK SUCKER WHORE BLACK COCK CUM ADDICTED fore the rest of my life!

Sissy Andrew
I am continuing my sissy assignments as my mistress wishes me too.  I first realized what I truly was after college.  However, I it really started with cross dressing when I was 12, but I didn’t know thats what I was becoming or what I was. I just knew I was different
I would steal my Mom’s panties and clothes and dress up after school before anyone else got home.  I wore her panties to school several times.  She never knew but one time another boy caught me when my shirt rose up and he could read the waist band on her Victoria Secret panties, it was very humiliating, and I was made fun of until I graduated. That was when I was 13, They were blue satin bikini panties.
I also found my Mom’s dildo when I was in high school.  At first I was afraid to try it, I was afraid it would hurt but eventually I tried it a few times but I stopped because at the time I didn;t know what I was doing at it hurt a lot.
I started collecting my own clothes and got caught by my father, and he burned them. He got very angry, and we still don’t talk.  In college I started collecting my own clothes again and though I purged them once because I was scared a girlfriend would find out, I have a lot again now.  A roommate once almost caught me in a corset in the dorm as well.  I was wearing girls jeans and panties almost every day, and shaving my legs when I was single, but still no one knew, I didn’t know I was a sissy either, I just thought I liked girly things.
My senior year in college I was with a real man for the first time. I met him at a play and he was much bigger than me.  He came home with me and I dressed up for him, and pleased him with my mouth.  When he entered me from behind, I was scared, but he was much better than my previous try with my Mom’s dildo even though he was much bigger.  I never saw him again but that was an amazing night I remember all of it.
After college I met my girlfriend who became my mistress.  When we moved in together I thought I could keep my secret but she found my clothes.  I am now a sissy all the time at home, it is our secret.  I do wear panties and pantyhose under my jeans at work but no one knows.  I have not worn mens underwear or other undergarments in over a year.
Several months ago, she bought me my own first dildo,  and I have learned to like it.  I prefer when mistress uses it on me, or when the suction cup is attach to the wall and I can ride it, that is much more comfortable than thrusting it with my hand.  I leak a lot but I can’t cum from anal yet unless I touch myself with my hand too.
Thats my sissy story so far.  I love my mistress and she treats me very nice, and keeps me safe
I will continue to do my sissy assignments as she wishes until I catch up to the other better sissies

I went to victory secrets and ask the salesgirls to help me pick out a pretty pair of panties. To wear as a sissy task from sissy bois camp. And l put them in the dressing room. And wore them for 24 hrs.
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Anonymous Sissy

Hi. i have eaten my own cum before but it is not something i can normally do. But almost more than anything i want to. When i suck another man i love when he cums in my mouth and will always swallow for him.i LOVE it. But as soon as i cum i lose the mood and just can’t seem to continue and eat my own. i need help here because this is something i seriously want to learn to do on a daily basis and learn to love it and look forward to it. Can you help? PLEASE!!!


I completed sissy task 1. I put on a pretty pink DD CUP BRA, and lace PANTIES, and pink garter belt and stockings. Black eyeliner, mascara. Pink lipstick. Blush. And wore them for three hours. My roommate came home and caught me. She knows about me and l let her read the tasks. I told her i had one hour to go. And she said ok as long as she could take pictures. I said yes MISTRESS.

Also l have started sitting down to pee like a girl.

Anonymous Sissy

I talked with my wonderful mistress about this assignment. I was in chastity as punishment from another sissy assignment (Assignment 7 – Sissy Cunt Challenge)

She agreed to let me do this one provided I took my toys with me. It was soooo wonderful! I took my time shaving absolutely everything and relaxing, the scented bath soaps and bubbles with the candles were exactly what I needed. After I finished pampering myself I was feeling so good and excited in anticipation for what would just make this the best bath either.

I slowly took my toys and began playing the hot water made it so intense on my little clitty in its cage I could barely breathe at times. I used the suction cup and rode it while I imagined my other was a stud and I wanted him to be even happier than me. And then… it happened! Sissygasm! without even touching myself, just anal stimulation. It was so intense, I couldn’t stand up afterwards, and I was still shaking 30 minutes later.

Afterwards my mistress was so nice to me. She let me wear the nicest lingerie I have and cuddled me that night after removing my chastity as promised, so now I can play with myself when I have permission. She also promised me I can choose a gift, but what should I choose?

Anonymous Sissy
The Truth and the Dare for you 🙂
Truth: The first time I put a cock in my mouth I was scared.  It was salty a little bit but it tasted really good.  It was large and didn’t fit in my mouth. I was to scared to relax so every time he tried to deep throat I gagged.  I didn’t get finish him until he came in my mouth but he did finish on my back after loving my pussy.
Dare: This one is easy for me.  I have my own panties to wear but I can steal my Mistresses… and try not to get caught!

Doctor Davis,

There is something that I have been thinking about for a long time and I decided this might be the right time to express my thoughts. So here goes.
First of all, I have now worked for you for seven years and I think I have performed well throughout that time. From the time I was hired as your insurance specialist I have done everything asked of me and, in fact, I have filled in on every other staff position when you needed someone. Five years ago I began my studies, at my own expense, to become a certified oculist which I have since become. I admit that you have given me raise every year but I don’t believe that $0.25 per hour is representative of my worth. And twice since I’ve been with you there have been vacancies in your staff for which I am qualified but you have chosen to hire young women who barely meet the job requirements.
Frankly, I have become frustrated with my plight and am beginning to think that the reason you have chosen the others is not because of their office skills but maybe because they bring with them other, physical, assets and are willing to share them with you. I don’t mean that as an accusation but it does make me wonder. Or maybe, part of the reason is because of that picture that Marcy got of me dressing up in girly clothes. I know she passed it around so I’m sure you saw it. But the fact is that I believe I looked very good, very sexy, and I looked very passable! And I’m pretty sure you kinda liked it because since then whenever you are around me I feel your stare, you often lay a hand on my neck or shoulder, and I can clearly see a bulge growing in your pants which I admit makes me horny! And then Marcy decided to mess with me more and tried to find me on line. She said that she was on Camp Sissy Boi and saw the name “frannie” in the forum and frannie sounded a lot like me so she told everyone. That only seemed to excite you more! And I think you have to admit that everyone in the office has, at one time or another, walked in your private office and found your pc on with a sissy domination site displayed.

So here’s the deal Doc:
1. You are a successful optometrist with a successful practice and a need to fill your assistant office manager position. You also have some kinky, sexual needs.
2. I am a competent, trained individual with seven years experience in the area of optometric office management. I am also a sissy cock sucking slut who loves the taste and feel of cocks and cum.
3. I propose that we satisfy both of our needs. You promote me with an increase of $4.00/hr and I will not only take care of your practice but also love your cock in any way you chose and at any time. (After hours and Sundays will be at 1 ½ times my normal rate of pay) Additionally, I will be happy to make myself available for you and your guests at the monthly poker game you hold in the conference room. (Again, @ 1 ½ times my normal pay)

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to servicing you.

Sissy Andrew

My mistress has me eat my cum almost every time I cum with her permission. I haven’t had permission to cum in the shower that way but I will ask for permission.

However, the last time she let me cum by playing with myself like a boy, I was required to lay against the wall and aim it at my face like a big man was cumming on me. It did get in my eye and that stung a lot. My eye was still a little red in the morning when I went to work

Thank you for this camp. I will continue to try and catch up to your better sissies

Anonymous Sissy

Straight cock in panties in gay bar bathroom. I start with his musky nut sack I would give him a long lick up from his balls drooling as i came up then a nice tongue twirl around his head before engulfing his man meat into my mouth hopefully as i suck him down I hear moaning to the sounds of my slurping mouth I feel him place his hand on my head lets me know what a good cock sucker I truely am Ill look up at him and he says how can a straight married guy suck cock so fucking good I grin with his cock still pummeling my face I feel his grip tighten up around my head as he starts to skull fuck me I start gagging on it and that makes him hornier I slide one of my hands around to his ass and his puckering hole two fingers are swallowed by it hungrily. I feel him harden even more so. Then i taste the beginning of what I know is the end I pull my mouth away and make one small request when you cum call me your cumguzzling faggot he agrees and says as long as you keep sucking like this you’ll be a good little faggot forever and after just a few thrust he says “here it comes my little faggot” as he thrust all the way to the back of my throat and grunts loudly I gag as rope and ropes of thick spunk coat my throat I suck his cock till he pushes me off and I say ok my turn to get sucked off right? Nope he says your to much of a faggot I only suck straight cock.”

Sissy Andrew

I have been sent to camp by my mistress. I just did assignment 1. I have had to do it before. Once you start it is usually easy but I can’t always do it on my own, my mistress helps me though. This time I had to cum into my hand and lick it up. She did not let me swallow right away but I did swallow it all down
Thank you for giving me this assignment. I will continue to do my assignments and try to catch up to the better sissies

Kimberly Pinkpanties

My name is Kimberly Pinkpanties.

Anonymous Sissy

I am a long time cross dressing sissy. I am not attracted to men and they treat Sissy’s so rudely. I am attracted to women and to transwomen. I love to suck Shemale cock and cum but I have had very strong urges of late any suggestions.

Kimberly Pinkpanties

I would let the gorgeous hunk that moved in next door. Know how much l wanted him to shove his hugh Cock in my mouth. By dressing up in my Hot pink lace panties, pink see though micro mini skirt, pink garter belt and stockings, hot pink DD CUP BRA, sheer white halter top, Hot pink 7″ STILETTO Heels. Makeup and wig. Then go out to my front yard and water my flowers. Bending over in sexy ways in front of him. And once I’ve caught him staring . Ask him he would like to join me for a drink. Once we have had a drink and he has cought me staring at his crotch while licking my lips. Tell him how gorgeous and sexy looking he is. And then tell him that any girl would be lucky to have their lips wrapped around his Cock. And that l would do anything to have him shove his COCK SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT. AFTER BEING FORCED TO MY KNEES. AND SWALLOWING HIS HOT MAN CUM.

Anonymous Sissy

I went to buy my new pair of panties today. I was a little embarrassed going into Victoria Secrets when the girl came up and asked me if I was interested in a certain style. I told her i was looking for a pair of pink boy shorts with white trim. When she asked me what the size was I needed I told her the girl was about my size. They didnt have the pink but she was kind enough to add to my embarrassment by pointing out a pair of pink boy shorts with baby blue trim.

I immediately went to the mens room of the mall and changed into them throwing out my old boxer shorts and continued shopping around the mall. It was a very erotic feel walking around the mall my sissy clittie tingled the whole time. Everywhere I went I felt that people knew I was wearing them which kept me in a constant state of arousal. I loved it thank you so much for the assignment.

Anonymous Sissy

Thank you so much for this assignment Miss Lana. I have to admit I chickened out the first time I spilt my cummies onto the plate. I left them there to stare at as I went about my daily routine reminding me of the shame of not being able to complete the task. After 30 minutes of so I decided to try again and got myself all worked up right at the height of arousal I leaned over the plate and started licking my old cummies that I had left. It was so wonderful I almost immediately starting spurting again onto my chair. I then knelt onto the floor and started to lick my chair clean. It tasted amazing. I have no idea why I let all those cummies go to waste over the years. Moving forward I will never waist a drop of the salty nectar again.

Sissy Andrew

My mistress and I talked about this assignment, and while I thought it would be easy I was very wrong! Have you ever wanted something so bad, and no matter how hard you work you couldn’t reach that goal?

I’ve had a sissygasm from anal before but I didn’teven realize i was touching myself as was using my dildo.

To prove how wrong I was, my mistress put me in chastity until I can do it without touching. Yesterday it was unbearable, I could feel the pressure like my member wanted to explode, I was a leaking mess but no release. I rode my dildo on the wall for over half an hr and it felt wonderful until I had to stop, I was shaking uncontrollably and breathing so hard. I didn’t want to stop but I couldn’t go any longer. I could feel myself on the verge of exploding but couldn’t find my salvation.

Every time I try and fail my mistress will add another day in chastity after I succeed as punishment for not believing her. I’m going try again tonight.

As always, I’ll try and be a better sissy for the real women in my life.

Thank you,


this is my first time messaging you . You can call me Vaspira . I love everything that your doing from videos to clip and all of thee above. I’m send a msg about you Daily sissy assignments. this seams like a very fun idea but in the end this is also a business and it just seams that daily task as great as that could be would be very time consuming

. the Idea that I thought of was just adding week long tasks …. little task you your already awesome weekly tasks you send out. Like a sissy needs to ride a dildo at least 4 times a week and go through different sex positions ever time. they ……. We have to eat are cum so many times a week or not at all we need to do things like wake up and fuck as ass right away.

but all and all your weekly tasks are great but just adding a check list to the end as well could be a very easy fix / add for you and then everyone gets what they want. we get many things to do and you can put it together very quickly. Hope you like my idea and please by all mean if you need ideas one thing I am is very creative 😉

Sissy Slut

I already pee sitting down and I wear girly clothes and make up. So I did sucking on my thumb letter C, and it was amazing! I felt like a little slut.

Anonymous Sissy

I love this story I would have to say that I would love to do this with an Ex of mine. he and I haven’t been together in a very long time but we are still friends and he was my first ever . I would love to have him over for a night and if by some chance we didn’t do anything. (which would be very hard to not do) and then we needed a shower but didn’t have time.

I would just play it off that I have a big shower and we have both been in locker rooms before so no big deal just quickly in and out 😉 . so once we started undressing he would probably know something was up because I always wear cute panties daily so I would make sure not only to give him a very good like but maybe even drop something and have to bend right over and pick it right up.

After saying something silly like how much a have butter finger or whatever something playful and easy ….. guys are hard lol. then we would get into the shower and OH would I be bumping into him . I would tell him geez I guess my shower wasn’t as big as I thought hmmm . then it would be just a quick wait to see when he slips up and starts to check me out.

I would make sure he seen how turned on I was. if he said anything or not I would then make a move. he was always a good Dom and would at least say something about it which I would replay that he always did turn me on and that would really be that.

I would that start doing the gay guy close stare and reach in and start playing with his alpha cock and the rest would be great sex in the shower and hopefully us being later for whatever lol ……….. Vaspira 😊 . Oh you can use this story for whatever just please don’t put my e-mail on anything 😊


Hello, Miss

the first assignment after i signed up was assignment 9.

after I wrote my sign, I locked my clit in a chastity cage and took a picture. It will have been 1 week tomorrow. I love wearing my chastity cage, though I must admit, it becomes very difficult after just a few days of constant wear. Especially since my cage is small.

I was in line at a grocery store when I wiggled my ass at a few customers behind me. I didn’t to see anyone expression, but I think I turned a bright shade of red. Wearing my cage and lacy panties made it all more amazing. I am loving your assignments, and will definitely look into your patreon.

Thank you

Cum Saver Sissy

i’d saved up some cum over the last few days and humped my pillows a while and then poured the cum in and went on my back and stroked and gargled it a bit too and came in my container again at the end while swallowing hoping to do it all again 🤭🤭🤗

Sissy Lea

Mistress Lana,
How I discovered my sissy side?

I have quite a big habit of watching a lot of sissy or trap porn/hentai , after a bit I found hypnosis ones and completely agreed with them. I tried playing with my nipples and rubbing my hole when I truly found out I was addicted.

Sissy Lea

Nice to meet you mistress Lana,
I did as you told me and ate my cum , it tasted a bit weird and not that great. I was scared at first to try it , to the point I even edged a couple times before cumming, I’m glad I did it though , thank you for making me do it mistress. I will try to catch up with the tasks in 1 day, not easy but I’d love to see what you have prepared.

Anonymous Sissy

Peed like a girl for a whole week, made sure I wore panties too 😉