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I watched your tube site while masturbating in my bra and panties, for week 5 of training and loved it. Wish you had more training for a sissy whore like me.

Thank you for your weekly sissy assignments. They are truly helping me become the sissy boi I really am

I already buy lipstick and eye shadow and eyeliner and I have stolen panties from girlfriends, from laundry piles, and off clotheslines. And I have sucked cock — but, admittedly, not enough. And it’s been some time since I had a nice dick in my mouth; perhaps I could do the Truth portion of the assignment. I admit I think about sucking cock when I’m running around in my pretty pink panties and matching bra. I get really hot and horny for dick when I slip into my heels and apply some lurid dickloving red lipstick. Even tho I haven’t sucked any dick in a long, long (too long) time I must admit that I am a panty and bra wearing sissy cocksucker. See, I admitted it. I am a sissy. I wear panties and bras. I love cock and balls; love to suck dick. I am a sissy cocksucker.

hi misstres, i ate my cum a lot of time and i really onjoy it, it makes me feel realy naughty and a cumslut

Saturday I went out and bought mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick. I spent the whole day Sunday with my face clad in these items. It was exhilarating. Lucky for me no one stopped by so I was not discovered with these things on, but I do think that I could probably get away with wearing the mascara to work. I may try that tomorrow!! I am so excited to have new additions!

I never really thought I was a sissy until about 2 years ago when I left for college but that was just me learning the term sissy. Otherwise when I was about twelve I found this fun hypnosis website that was focused on turning girls lesbian and turning males into girls because females are so much more attractive. I was hooked almost immediately and I tried tricking myself that I was there to read the lesbian stories but every single time I visited it I re-read a transition story about a male becoming a cock slut. I loved it, and after 8 years I still go back at least once every month to read that story, and that made me realize how much I want to be broken like the slut in the story.
Unfortunately I don’t have any real social media accounts, always hated the idea of people just reading about small aspects of my life and acting like they knew me, but as soon as I’m able to shave I will be sending you a picture.

Assignment A. The first time I had cock in my mouth I was on my knees looking up and begging, he finally put it in my mouth and I sucked hard, fondliing his balls and licking him, he wasnt a big cummer unfortunately, was looking forward to a big load in my mouth, I was a lil disappointed.

It started with a little hypnosis fetish, then I found Sissyfacation and fell in love. I’m a twink who’s been teetering on the edge of completely giving in too afraid to take the last steps and be a good boi.

i wore my purple lace panties under my clothes as i volunteered at a fest yesterday. i kept getting so hard thinking about things and had to get my mind elsewhere 😬😬

love how the thong rubs over my shaved asshole, tried fucking myself till i came, just cant quite do it without rubbing my clitty

Hello it’s justine again my story is like most grew up loved trying on my mothers and sisters panties dresses and makeup. Then I got older I stumbled upon sissy Hypnos and captions got really into them then where the plot thickens is when I was dating my last girlfriend. She always said how cute I would look as a girl so one day I told her to make me pretty lol and after that one time it continued and she dress me up a lot I would pretend to hate it but i was in heaven and that’s my story hope u like it and feel free to share if u want

Love Justine

I love it ! Very excellent work ! I can’t help myself , so I’m on my way to suck off the hung horny CD ! Be funny if her/his name is Samantha or Sam . Lol 😂. Hope I can handle the load ! Thanks again Goddess Lana ! I will let you know how it goes . I’m already drooling 🤤!

Goddess Lana.

For some inspiration, I watched the video clip you sent with the first assignment. It got me hot and horny, so I ran into the shower and played with myself imagining you commanding me to suck a big cock!. I shot my load into my hand then wiped it all over my face pretending it was coming for the cock I was sucking. And then, you would have been sooo proud of me, Bonus!! I scooped it off my face and into my mouth and ate it!

I took a shower tonight and jerked my cock. I shot fun in the palm of my right hand; because I’m left handed. I squeezed my cock head to get every pearl drop of jizm.

I took my left hand and placed them together like I was praying. I smeared my cum in both hands and fingers then placed them on my face. I spread my fun evenly on my face, eyes, nose, and lips. I then licked each hand and their fingers and tasted my cum….I am still nervous about eating my own cum.

I went out to the store wearing some of my Sissy things under my clothes today . It felt amazing ! I felt like such a Sissy slut ! I think I have completed all of my Camp Sissy Boi assignments . I’m such a Cum craving Sissy slut ! Hot cum ! Yummy yum yum !

haven’t checked my e-mail in awhile so I’m just a little late to my sissy assignment… but I completed the first week’s assignment it and I enjoyed eating my own cum!
Also.. I need some advice on how to make my cum taste better because I want to eat it regularly! Hope you can help me!

For the second week’s assignment:
I discovered my sissy side when I curiously decided to wear my older sister’s panties.. the feeling was unreal, the silk touching up my legs was such a turn on and my little clitty became hard.
After that I started hiding her older lingerie and started wearing them and it’s such an enjoyable experience!

So I desired to order some panties on amazon they got here and I was so excited I decided to take the pink camo out for a spin I frist was neverous afarid someone who I know will see me so I go to places I never go and walked around a couple of shops. As I walked around I just loved how it felt as the thong just rode up every time I bend down. As I walked around a local shop I saw something that caught my eye on the bottom shelf. Not thinking I been at the waist and my panties clearly become visible. I didn’t think anything of it and continue shopping i then as a guy I knew and said hi then saw something I needed on the top shelf so I reach to grab it revealing my panties and I’m sure he saw them and that’s how my outing went

This is late and i failed to eat my cum. I have desires to act like a girl both sexually and casually but i cant seem to act on them. I usually will have the desire to eat my cum and drown in cum whether its my own or others and to be used as a sex toy but i just cant get into it once ive orgasmed. Help me express my sissy self to the fullest extent.

So I got in the shower and started to rub my clitty also to get me going I started to finger my boi pussy so I eventually worked my self to the point of ejaculation I tried my best to hit my self in the face but I missed and hit my belly so I cleaned it up and it was a big load and put it on my hand and smeared it all over my face it felt so good and I even think it made my skin softer

To be honest i dont know when i discovered my sissy self. It may have been the first time i tried cum out of curiosity but now i cant exactly get into it. I have the imagination and mind to do it but i cant physically get myself to do it. I constantly think about being used, dressing like a girl, being an obedient sissy and it turns me on but i cant get myself to do it but i hope by doing these weekly task that i can progressively improve and fulfill my desires

If you are a sissy and you know it suck a cock!
If you are a sissy and you know it suck a cock!
Get an Alpha erect and firm
Feed on lots of Alpha sperm
Now get a cage and lock your sissy cock

Roxysissygurl “Fetlife”

Hi Miss Lana,

Today I went to the store to buy some new panties. I got 3 pairs, black, purple and pink Miss Lana. It was very embarrassing Miss Lana, the check out girl said “ooo your girlfriend will love these… ” I wanted to feel the humiliation so I said “I’m single.” She looked shocked then tried to stifle a laugh but couldn’t help herself. I felt myself go bright red, said “thank you Miss” I paid and walked out with my clit aching in its little cage.

Hi Miss, when I was very young (10/11) I had a male friend that I used to get naked with. We didn’t know what we were doing, no sex but we liked to feel each other. The last time we did it he talked me into putting his sister’s panties on. Shortly after his sister came home and walked in on us. She immediately started laughing uncontrollably. I felt so humiliated and my friend denied taking any part in it and found me like that. Every time I saw his sister after that she would ask what knickers I had on and laugh which eventually began to turn me on. Ever since I’ve wanted to be a sissy for a domme Mistress.

How I found I love sissy life, I had a gf who loved sitting on my face after I came in her. I loved eating her out and loved it more when she fingered my ass. When I found sissy videos/media online I was hooked……

This little horny sissy slut completed your assignment proudly. I stroked my little boi clit while digging out my boy pussy with 2 fingers. All while on my knees in the shower begging out loud for daddy to give his little fuck toy his hot delicious load. I pulled my fingers out of my boi pussy and came hard into the hand i’d been fucking myself with screaming and moaning in pleasure like a whore. I took my cum and ass juice soaked hand and rubbed it all over my face and licking my boi pussy juice and every last drop of cum from my fingers hungrily. I so wish it was a real mans hot thick load all over my slut face

Today I went to the store to buy some new panties. I got 3 pairs, black, purple and pink Miss Lana. It was very embarrassing Miss Lana, the check out girl said “ooo your girlfriend will love these… ” I wanted to feel the humiliation so I said “I’m single.” She looked shocked then tried to stifle a laugh but couldn’t help herself. I felt myself go bright red, said “thank you Miss” I paid and walked out with my clit aching in its little cage.

Well, i did my assignment! i bought my new pair of panties and i feel so slutty and naughty and weak and girly when i wear them under my regular clothes. Thank You so much for making me do it!!!!

i think i have always had a sissy submissive side. when i hit puberty and began experimenting sexually, i always felt sexier if i had some satin or lace on my skin. when i masturbated to porno magazines or images of Women, i always imagined being them. i have tried to deny by desires and purged several times. i always come back to being a sissy bimbo slut when i get hungry Goddess Lana. i first wrote stories and kept porno magazines to imagine being a slutty bimbo. then i started buying lingerie, sex toys, and makeup. soon i had dildo’s to suck on, plugs and vibrators for my sissy pussy, and makeup to feel feminine. anytime i become horny and need to dress like a big titted bimbo slut. being called nasty names and treated like a bimbo by Alpha Men and Goddess Women makes me so hot!

This was 10 plus years ago. I was doing laundry in my apartment building. When I put my cloths in the dryer, I noticed a black cotton thong. It was from Victoria’s Secret. No one was there, I had no idea who they belonged to. When I left, I took them and changed into them in my apartment. It made me feel slutty. I wore them all day. When I went to retrieve my laundry, I thought it may be exciting if someone was there. But there wasn’t.

when i used to live in los Angeles  my sissy side came out when my big sister gave me a makeup she put lipstick on my lips and put mascara needless to the folks of mine were not enthralled I look like a slut 

After that a few days later my neighbor had painted my toes 

It wasn’t until recently at the age of 47 did I allow my feelings of being a sissy to be let out. I have always had a fascination with lingerie but truly loved to see it on women. I saw a sissy hypno video online one day and something just triggered and I realized that I wanted to be like those sissies in the video. I bought my first pair several months later after several tries where I chickened out. The feeling of those panties was like losing my virginity all over again. I started wearing them under my clothes and wearing stockings with them. I got my first taste of cock as a sissy just 6 short months ago and I know this is who I truly am inside and love to play whenever I can.

I completed my first assignment (eating my own cum). Although i don’t do it on my daily basis, it wasn’t my first time either. I don’t know if you need proof of it, if you do, please let me know and i’ll see what i can do.
I couldn’t do it every day of the week, but i did eat it seven times (3 from a glass, 1 directly cumming to my mouth, 2 from my hand and 1 in a sandwich, with a hamburguer).

I’m looking foward to complete my next assignment!!

I completed the first Sissy Boi Assignment. I have tried in the past but chickened out every time before this. This time I put on a condom while I masturbated. It honestly felt good and the video was SO hot which means that I busted fairly quickly. This time with all of my spunk collected in my condom, I closed my eyes and sent it down. I swallowed it quickly. VERY strong taste…honestly harder than I thought to swallow but felt so naughty once finished!

I was 15 when u discover my feminine side now i’m 67 so long tume ago, In this time transgenderusm was not accept by psychologust and chrch, they prefer to talk about Fetichims and psycho told me and my mother it will pass when he will meet his furst love… Trying to fit in the mold finally u was like a tart…
No after 37 years with a woman i’m alone but still love woman bit sperm us tastefull and thinkk i could be good having a lover

Greetings Lana , I bought a new pair of pink panties today and I’ll be wearing them to work tonight.. I love sissy camp

I was 15 years old (no internet on those times) and i was watching a porn magazine. I remember when i saw the advertisment pages i was mindblowed by a picture of a shemale. My mind couldn’t understand the image of that beautifull brunette with a monster cock, but my dick reacted with an incredible hard on. At that moment i was on vacations at Uruguay, but that image never get out of my head. When i arrived home, at Buenos Aires (Argentina), i got the newspaper, searched for the escort section, and called and met the first shemale in my life. I sucked cock, get fucked, and fucked her too, and i repeated this sessions with several shemales for five years or so. That was till i met Ivana.
Ivana was just another shemale in my list, at least that was what i thought before i met her. But when i did, she forced me to my knees and made me suck her cock, till she came on my mouth. Then she fucked me all night long while constantly verbal humiliating me.
She told me that i was a sissy bitch, HER sissy bitch, and she made me cum only by sitting on my face, forcing me to lick her ass and smell her farts, while telling me i was already her sissy slave. She cleaned my cum from my chest with her cock, sat on my chest and made me clean my own cum from her dick by putting it in my mouth. She laughed to her tears when she saw my cock was hard again and she called me a pathetic sissy, a slut that get aroused by humiliation.
I remember i went back home ashamed of what happened but exited at the same time. She told me that if i call her again i had to be prepared to be humiliated, degraded and treated like a whore.
Since that day i became her bitch and done any sort of things for her amuse. Now she is living in Spain and i didn’t see her again, but she showed me that i am a sissy slut and get exited when being humiliated and degraded.
That’s pretty much my story, i’m 34 years old now and my mind gets every day more dirty.

 I am not really experienced in this whole sissification process, and your content is helping me very much! I am only a recently discovered little sissy, and I haven’t yet mastered the courage to do your recent assignments (even if I now manage to eat my own cum regularly, thanks to you ^^), but I am sure that I will soon be able too!

Hello. I bought some panties and wore them in public like you wanted me to. It felt great. They were softer and tighter than boxers. I also loved the feeling of sweat in them. It kept making me hard.

 I can’t control myself I love to suck dick I love crossdressing why my wife’s at work posting ads on line for men to come over and blowbang my throat. I recently got involved with a couple of black men well 20 2223 huge dick and they pretty much dominated me made me start telling my wife that I wanted to suck dick and watch her get fucked and be there sissy boy cuckold she will not go for it but I am hypnotized and very much would like to suck every men I come across I have asked just about every one of them that I thought would go for it go out to Savannah Georgia and walk around with lipstick eyelashes nails wig and skimpy skimpy outfit ass hanging out I’ve got long legs bubble butt somewhat passable but all God I love going into the bathroom and swallowing whatever I’m told I need help I want to eat dick I want to nurse out come I will do it all day and all night curl up in the fetal position and swallow deep as I can down my throat let Daddy pissing my throat I want it all I want my ass I want to be a girl I want to be a girl I want to suck dick I want to suck dick I need cum I love tasting come I have a strong desire for cum I need it and I want can you help please help

It was about 12 years ago . I had met this women named Misty . She was a larger women but attractive. We got along good for a while but once she moved in with me it didn’t go so well . One day we were having an argument about her owing me money for rent , ect . We couldn’t agree , so she suggested we wrestle . If I won she would pay me what she owed , if she won she didn’t have to pay up , but I did . Pay up ? I asked . She told me if I make you submit or render you unconscious in a wrestling match , she would force me to take a double facial from her stepdad and stepbrother . Well I really needed the money and I figured how strong can she be ? So I agreed to wrestle to settle our disagreement. We moved the furniture out of the way so we had some room to do this . So we started to wrestle, I immediately realized I might be in trouble for she was much stronger than I anticipated. She got me in a headlock and was squeezing the crap out of me ! I began to get lightheaded, and couldn’t breath very well . Then she let me go , I was about to tap out but I guess she wanted to make me suffer a bit more . I went for a leg take down but being so dazed from the headlock I missed and she then got me and applied a head scissors . I was in deep trouble , her legs were large and quite strong . She began to apply more and more pressure, squeezing me tighter and tighter . Then she tells me to tap out bitch , just tap ! Submit ! Submit to me ! Since I could hardly breath and was in quite a bit of pain , close to being rendered unconscious, I submitted , tapping on her leg like my life depended on it ! She doesn’t let me out but loosens her scissor hold a bit , reaches for her phone , just is able to get to it . She makes a call , says , oh yes I got him , he submitted. He will be begging for your loads by the time you 2 get here . Just as I’m thinking begging? She squeezes again , even more than before !! Immediately I say please no ! No more , I can’t take it ! Beg for there cum , bitch ! Beg for it ! Please no ! I say . You know you want a face full, beg for it!! She squeezes tighter ! Ok , ok ! Please give me there cum right in my face ! I want it , I want there cum ! I want a facial ! Please Misty make me take a cum facial ! Good bitch she tells me as she lets me go . I’m totally out of it having been almost unconscious several times . Just laying there, they arrive, up on your knees bitch . She orders me . I do as she says . They both walk over , get in front of me and pull there cocks out . They begin to stroke them right in my face . They both must have been really horny or ready cause they got hard in no time . By now Misty is behind me holding my head , making sure I don’t cum dodge and coaching them on as the jack there cocks . It’s not long and I can see precum leaking from them . She tells them to rub it on my face , like a pre facial . Then they slap my face with there big rock hard cocks ! I can tell they are both very close as they continue stroking , feverishly . Then stepdad says I’m gonna cum ! Misty tells him shoot it shoot it right in his face ! I just close my eyes , then feel hot shot after hot shot of cum hitting my forehead, face , even up my nose !! I can hear Misty laughing as he unloads all over my face ! I need to breath so I open my mouth to get a breath , as step brother says, ohh ohhh I’m gonna cum . Shoot it , shoot it right in his mouth , Misty tells him . I try to close my mouth , but Misty pulls my hair forcing me to open it again . I can feel hot cum hitting the back of my throat , causing me to gag . I hear Misty laughing an almost evil laugh . That’s when I realize I’ve got an erection . Misty sees that I’m hard tells me to jerk off as the cum drips from my face . So I of course obey , and stroke it . She decides to make a video of me stroking off with cum all over my face . Tells me to say how much I love it ! Then I have the most intense orgasm ever ! It was then I new I had no choice but to become a Sissy cock sucking cum swallowing slut ! Sorry it was so long Goddess, but had to tell the whole

OH MY GOD !!!!! Goddess Lana ! Where do I begin ? I’ll just start on my arrival at her place . She opens the door fully crossed dressed , I would have thought was a woman for sure , if I didn’t know better and the massive bulge in her tight yoga pants . I introduced myself , she calls herself Mistress Kara . Tells me almost immediately to get on my knees ! I obey of course. Her huge bulge inches from my face . She plops out her massive boner then begins to slap my face with it . Telling me she is going to have her way with my mouth and throat . Almost just like in your audio ! Suck it bitch she tells me , so I have no choice , my mouth watering, I start sucking her BIG COCK ! She grabs the back of my head , again like in your audio, forcing me down on it . I gag like a little bitch. She enjoys making me gag on it, I can tell . I can feel her cock throbbing between my lips . Then she stops and sits down on the couch . Tells me to come over get my head between her legs and rest her legs on my shoulders. Tells me to begin to suck again , I obey of course . I can here your voice in my head “ gag on it , like a little bitch!” She then grabs the back of my head and tightens her legs on my neck . I realize I’m trapped, as then she says I got you now , you Sissy bitch ! Then begins to totally use my mouth and throat for her pleasure ! Pumping her hips a bit and forcing my head up and down , gagging me continuously. I can feel her cock getting extremely hard as it throbs even more . I realize she has to be close to exploding or at least I’m hoping , cause she’s fucking the living shit out of my mouth and throat . I’m gagging gasping for air , spit and slobber everywhere. Then I here her say here it comes BITCH ! She holds my head down as she moans and blows what has to be the biggest cum load ever down my throat . Well I couldn’t quite handle the explosion , the first shot maybe , the second one possibly, but the third shot and beyond was too much ! I snort gag on it and her cum literally shoots out of my freaking nose !!! TWICE !!! My eyes are watering cum running out of my nose down into my mouth . She says your a Sissy Bitch now , I just inducted you . I couldn’t even talk I just shook my head yes . All the time I was rubbing my Sissy clit and had cum in my panties when She was exploding almost drowning me in cum . She tells me to not clean up and drive home with her cum dripping from my nose to further humiliate me . I was exhausted by the time I got back . Hope you enjoyed my experience you had a big part convincing me to become the Sissy Cum Slut I now am . Thanks again Goddess Lana ! Hope to hear from you soon !