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Behind the Wall: Goddess Lana’s Gloryhole Training

The evening air was thick with anticipation as I prepared my beautiful home for tonight’s special event. Dressed in a silky robe that showed off my figure, I looked around, making sure everything was perfect. Candles flickered softly, casting a warm glow over the luxurious furniture, and the sweet smell of incense filled the air.

Tonight, I had invited ten of my most dedicated OnlyFans subscribers to my home. They were chosen for their devotion and eagerness to please, and I had something extraordinary planned for them. In a hidden corner of my backyard, I had set up a discreet gloryhole, ready to provide an unforgettable experience.

I placed an ad, inviting eager men to come over and stick their penises through the hole. Meanwhile, my sissies would be on the other side, ready to practice and perfect their oral skills.

As my chosen subscribers arrived, I greeted them with a smile, feeling their excitement and nervous energy. Each of them was here to serve and learn, and I was eager to guide them.

“Welcome, my sweet sissies,” I said, my voice soft and inviting. “Tonight, you’re going to learn how to truly please a man. Follow my instructions, and you’ll become the perfect little playthings.”

I led them to the hidden area where the gloryhole awaited. The setup was simple—a sturdy wooden wall with a discreet opening just big enough for the men’s needs. I could see the anticipation in my sissies’ eyes as they understood what was expected of them.

“Now, my darlings,” I said, my tone both firm and gentle, “take your positions. Remember, it’s all about making the man on the other side feel amazing.”

The sissies knelt before the hole, their eyes wide with a mix of fear and excitement. I began to instruct them on the art of oral pleasure, my voice calm and patient.

“First, you need to relax your jaw,” I said, demonstrating with my own mouth. “Open wide and use your tongue to gently massage the tip. Remember to be gentle at first, then increase the intensity as you go along.”

I watched as each sissy tried to follow my instructions, their mouths working eagerly. Some wore special mouth gags to keep their mouths open and cover their teeth, ensuring they wouldn’t accidentally hurt the men.

“Good, very good,” I praised, moving from one sissy to the next, offering tips and encouragement. “Use your hands to stroke gently while you suck. Keep a steady rhythm, and listen to the sounds he makes. That will guide you.”

As the sissies practiced, I could see their mouths growing tired. I knew it was time for the next step.

“When your mouth gets tired, turn around,” I instructed. “The man behind the hole will take over and make love to your butt. Remember to relax and let him lead.”

One by one, the sissies turned around, presenting themselves to the men on the other side. I watched with satisfaction as the men took over, their movements strong and confident. The sissies moaned softly, their bodies trembling with the mix of pleasure and submission.

“That’s it, my sweet sissies,” I whispered, my voice filled with pride. “You’re doing wonderfully. Remember, your purpose is to please, to be the perfect little toys for these men.”

The night continued, filled with the sounds of pleasure and the soft whispers of encouragement. By the end, my sissies were exhausted but fulfilled, having learned valuable lessons in submission and pleasure.

As they dressed to leave, I smiled at each of them, knowing they had grown in their roles.

“Thank you, my darlings,” I said warmly. “You’ve done so well tonight. Remember what you’ve learned and continue to serve with devotion.”

With that, they left my sanctuary, each one a little more confident and skilled than before. The gloryhole stood silent once more, a testament to the night’s lessons and the power of submission and pleasure.

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