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Size Matters: The BBC That Leaves Sissies in Awe

The evening air was thick with anticipation as you entered my opulent sanctuary. I was already waiting, draped in a silken robe that accentuated my statuesque beauty. My eyes, piercing and knowing, locked onto yours with a smirk that sent shivers down your spine.

“Ah, there you are,” I purred, my voice a seductive melody. “I’ve got a special treat for you tonight.”

You swallowed hard, your pulse quickening. I always knew how to keep you on edge. With a graceful wave of my hand, I beckoned you to follow me deeper into the candlelit room. The soft glow highlighted the luxurious furnishings and the faint aroma of incense lingered in the air.

We entered a larger chamber where an imposing figure awaited. He was tall, muscular, and undeniably handsome. His dark skin gleamed under the dim light, and his confident stance exuded an aura of raw power. Your eyes widened as you realized who he was—one of my most cherished friends.

“This is Marcus,” I introduced him with a playful lilt. “I think you’ll find him… impressive.”

Marcus stepped forward, his gaze assessing you with a mixture of amusement and curiosity. I saw a flush of embarrassment creeping up your neck as my words echoed in your mind. I had mentioned something about a comparison, but you hadn’t fully grasped what I meant until now.

“Why don’t you show him, my little sissy?” I commanded softly, my eyes gleaming with mischief. “Show him your pathetic little thing.”

Your heart pounded as you hesitated, but the authority in my voice left no room for disobedience. With trembling hands, you exposed yourself, feeling the weight of both our gazes on your modest endowment. Marcus chuckled, a deep, resonant sound that made your humiliation complete.

I moved closer, my fingers grazing your cheek. “Now, Marcus, why don’t you show her what a real man looks like?”

Marcus smirked and undid his pants, revealing a massive, throbbing cock that put yours to shame. You couldn’t tear your eyes away, the sheer size and girth making you feel utterly inadequate. My laughter rang in your ears, a mocking symphony that heightened your sense of inferiority.

“Look at the difference,” I taunted, my voice dripping with derision. “See how much more manly Marcus is compared to you? You’re nothing but a pathetic little sissy.”

Tears of embarrassment prickled your eyes, but there was no escape. My hand guided your head downward, forcing you to kneel before Marcus. The scent of his arousal filled your nostrils as I pushed you closer.

“Now, show your appreciation,” I ordered. “Prove how much you worship real manhood.”

With no other option, you began to perform oral on Marcus, your mouth stretching to accommodate his impressive size. He groaned in pleasure, and my laughter continued to mock your efforts.

“That’s it, sissy,” I cooed. “You’re nothing compared to him. Just a little toy for our amusement.”

As you worked, my words cut deeper, reinforcing your role as the inferior. Marcus’s hands tangled in your hair, guiding your movements with increasing urgency. Your jaw ached, but you continued, driven by the need to please me.

Eventually, I pulled you back, a cruel smile playing on my lips. “Turn around, sissy. It’s time for you to truly understand your place.”

You obeyed, positioning yourself on all fours, your heart racing with a mixture of fear and excitement. Marcus moved behind you, his presence overwhelming. My hand rested on your back, my touch both comforting and commanding.

“Relax,” I whispered, my tone deceptively soothing. “You’re about to feel what it’s like to be taken by a real man.”

Marcus entered you with a force that took your breath away, and you cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure. His thrusts were powerful, each one a reminder of your submission. My voice continued to taunt and tease, emphasizing how much more manly Marcus was compared to you.

“See how effortlessly he dominates you?” I murmured, my fingers tracing patterns on your skin. “You’re nothing but a plaything for him, for both of us.”

The intensity of the moment consumed you, and you lost yourself in the sensations. Marcus’s relentless rhythm, my mocking words, and your own overwhelming submission blended into a heady mix of ecstasy and degradation.

As Marcus reached his climax, he filled you completely, a final reminder of his dominance. You collapsed, spent and humbled, your body trembling with the aftermath.

My laughter echoed around you, my amusement evident. “Good sissy,” I purred. “You’ve done well. Now, remember your place, and always know that you’re here for our pleasure.”

You lay there, utterly defeated yet strangely fulfilled, knowing that you had pleased me and Marcus. The experience had left an indelible mark, a reminder of your submission and the power we held over you.

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