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First Time Service: Randy’s Experience

Randy had always fantasized about meeting a dominant top who could fulfill his deepest desires. After weeks of chatting online with a man who seemed perfect, they finally arranged to meet. Randy’s excitement was palpable as he prepared for the encounter, dressing in his favorite lingerie and carefully applying makeup to enhance his feminine appearance.

When the doorbell rang, Randy’s heart raced with anticipation. He opened the door to find a tall, muscular man with a confident demeanor standing there. “Hi, I’m Alex,” the man introduced himself, his voice deep and commanding.

“Hi, Alex. Come in,” Randy replied, his voice trembling slightly with nerves. He led Alex into the living room and offered him a cup of coffee. “Would you like some coffee before we start?”

Alex accepted the coffee, taking a seat on the couch. They chatted briefly, the conversation light and casual, but the tension between them was electric. Randy could feel Alex’s eyes on him, taking in his sissy attire and feminine demeanor.

After a few minutes, Alex set his cup down and stood up. “Why don’t you show me to your room, Randy?” he suggested, his tone leaving no room for argument.

Randy nodded and led Alex down the hall to his bedroom. As soon as they entered, Alex’s demeanor shifted. He pushed Randy gently but firmly onto the bed, his eyes filled with lust and dominance. “Let’s see what you can do,” he commanded.

Randy obeyed, his heart pounding with excitement and submission. He knelt before Alex, unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard cock. Randy took him into his mouth, sucking eagerly, his tongue swirling around the shaft. Alex groaned in pleasure, his hands gripping Randy’s hair as he guided his movements.

After a few minutes, Alex pulled back and reached into his pocket, producing a condom. He handed it to Randy, who quickly rolled it onto Alex’s throbbing cock. Then, Randy climbed onto the bed and straddled Alex, slowly lowering himself onto his length. He rode Alex’s cock with enthusiasm, their bodies moving in perfect rhythm.

The intensity of the moment overwhelmed Randy, the feeling of being filled and dominated sending waves of pleasure through his body. Alex’s hands roamed over Randy’s body, squeezing his hips and guiding his movements.

After several minutes of passionate riding, Alex’s dominance took over. He pushed Randy off him and onto the floor. Randy landed on his knees, looking up at Alex with a mix of submission and desire. Alex removed the condom and began to stroke himself, his eyes locked on Randy’s.

With a low growl, Alex came, his hot cum splashing onto Randy’s face. Randy closed his eyes, feeling the warmth and the humiliation that came with it. When he opened his eyes again, Alex was already zipping up his pants, his expression satisfied.

“Good job, sissy,” Alex said, his voice filled with approval. Without another word, he turned and left the room, leaving Randy kneeling on the floor, his face covered in cum and his heart racing with a strange mixture of satisfaction and longing.

As the front door closed behind Alex, Randy wiped his face and sat back on his heels, a small smile playing on his lips. His first encounter with a dominant top had been everything he had hoped for and more, leaving him eager for the next time.

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