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From Touch to Taste: Goddess Lana’s Intense Training

The sun had just risen over Camp Sissyboi, casting a warm glow over the lush grounds. The sissies at the camp were already buzzing with anticipation, whispering among themselves about the special class that Goddess Lana had planned for the day. Known for her unorthodox and intense methods, Goddess Lana had become a revered figure at the camp, helping sissies embrace their true selves and explore their deepest desires.

Goddess Lana stood at the front of the main lodge, her commanding presence drawing the attention of every sissy in the room. Today, she was accompanied by a striking male model named Butchy, whose imposing figure and confident demeanor immediately captivated the audience. Word had spread that Butchy possessed a particularly impressive asset—a 12-inch cock that was the focus of today’s lesson.

“Good morning, my beautiful sissies,” Goddess Lana began, her voice echoing through the room. “Today, we are going to take a significant step in your journey of self-acceptance and pleasure. It’s time to embrace your desires fully and be comfortable with cocks.”

The room fell silent, the sissies hanging on her every word. Goddess Lana gestured to Butchy, who stepped forward and unbuttoned his pants, revealing his massive erection. Gasps and whispers filled the air as the sissies took in the sight.

“One by one, each of you will come up and interact with Butchy,” Goddess Lana instructed. “First, you will touch it, then kiss it, and finally, you will lick it. This exercise is designed to help you overcome any lingering fears or hesitations.”

The first sissy, a petite figure named Jamie, nervously approached Butchy. Goddess Lana guided Jamie’s hand, encouraging him to gently grasp Butchy’s cock. Jamie’s eyes widened, but he complied, feeling the warmth and firmness of the massive organ in his hand.

“Good, Jamie,” Goddess Lana praised. “Now, kiss it.”

Jamie leaned in, pressing his lips softly against the tip. Encouraged by the approving murmurs from the others and Goddess Lana’s smile, he moved on to the next step, licking the shaft with tentative strokes of his tongue.

One by one, the sissies followed suit, each taking their turn to touch, kiss, and lick Butchy’s impressive member. Goddess Lana offered gentle encouragement and praise, ensuring that each sissy felt comfortable and confident.

After every sissy had taken their turn, Goddess Lana stepped forward, her eyes glinting with satisfaction. “Now, watch closely,” she instructed, her voice taking on a sultry tone. She wrapped her hand around Butchy’s cock and began to stroke it with expert precision, her movements slow and deliberate.

The room was silent, the sissies mesmerized by the sight of Goddess Lana jerking Butchy off. His breathing grew heavy, and his muscles tensed as he neared climax. With a final, powerful stroke, he erupted, his cum shooting into a glass that Goddess Lana had positioned in front of him.

Goddess Lana smiled, holding up the glass filled with Butchy’s semen. “This is a reward for your bravery and willingness to embrace your true selves,” she said. She poured the semen into several shot glasses, distributing them among the sissies.

“Each of you will take a shot and taste Butchy’s essence,” she instructed. “This is a celebration of your journey and a step towards complete acceptance.”

The sissies, now filled with a mixture of anticipation and excitement, took the shot glasses in their hands. One by one, they raised the glasses to their lips and drank, the taste of Butchy’s cum a tangible reminder of their progress and courage.

As the session concluded, Goddess Lana looked at her sissies with pride. “You’ve all done wonderfully today. Remember, embracing your desires and being comfortable with who you are is a powerful step towards self-acceptance. You should all be very proud of yourselves.”

The sissies left the lodge with a renewed sense of confidence and camaraderie, grateful for Goddess Lana’s guidance and the unforgettable experience they had shared. At Camp Sissyboi, they had found not only acceptance but also the strength to explore their deepest desires and embrace their true selves fully.

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