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Leashed and Lustful: Sissy Ruff Ruff’s Oral Training

Goddess Lana strolled through the lush forest paths of the secluded Camp Sissyboi, the sea breeze rustling the leaves around them. She held a leather leash in her hand, the end of which was attached to a delicate collar around the neck of her loyal pet, Sissy Ruff Ruff. Dressed in a skimpy, feminized version of a dog costume, Sissy Ruff Ruff crawled on all fours, their eyes full of adoration and submission.

Goddess Lana’s presence was commanding, her dark hair cascading down her back, her eyes glinting with mischief and authority. Sissy Ruff Ruff, with their delicate features and feminine curves, followed obediently, the leash taut between them. The camp had grown used to the sight of Sissy Ruff Ruff, often seen sniffing around and occasionally relieving themselves in the bushes, imitating a female dog in heat.

Today, as they walked, a ruggedly handsome camper approached them. His eyes lingered on Sissy Ruff Ruff before shifting to Goddess Lana with a curious and somewhat eager expression. “Excuse me, ma’am,” he began, his voice low and respectful. “I couldn’t help but notice your pet. Do you think… your pet dog would pleasure me in the woods?”

Goddess Lana’s lips curled into a knowing smile. She glanced down at Sissy Ruff Ruff, who looked back with a mix of excitement and nervousness. “Well, that depends,” she replied smoothly. “I must come along to ensure my pet performs to my satisfaction. Do you agree to that?”

The man nodded eagerly, his anticipation evident. “Absolutely.”

Goddess Lana led them deeper into the woods until they found a secluded clearing. She commanded Sissy Ruff Ruff to sit, then turned to the man, gesturing for him to lower his pants. He did so, his erection springing free, already glistening at the tip with pre-cum.

“Sissy Ruff Ruff,” Goddess Lana purred, “today you will please this gentleman. Follow my instructions carefully.” She positioned her pet before the man, their nose inches away from his member. The scent of sweat and arousal filled Sissy Ruff Ruff’s nostrils, sending a thrill down their spine.

“First, start by licking the tip,” Goddess Lana instructed, her voice firm yet gentle. Sissy Ruff Ruff extended their tongue, hesitantly at first, then more eagerly as they tasted the salty pre-cum. The man groaned softly, encouraging them to continue.

“Good. Now, take him into your mouth, just the head,” Lana continued. Sissy Ruff Ruff complied, their lips wrapping around the sensitive tip, sucking gently. The man’s hand found its way to the back of their head, his fingers tangling in their hair.

“That’s it, go deeper now, but take your time,” Goddess Lana guided. “Use your tongue to explore every ridge and vein.” Sissy Ruff Ruff did as told, sliding the man’s length deeper into their mouth, their tongue swirling around the shaft, feeling every pulsing vein.

“Use one hand to stroke the base while you suck,” Lana instructed, her eyes gleaming with pride as she watched her pet perform. Sissy Ruff Ruff’s hand wrapped around the base of the man’s erection, their movements synchronized with the bobbing of their head.

The man’s breathing grew ragged, his hips beginning to thrust slightly. “You’re doing so well, Sissy Ruff Ruff,” Lana cooed. “Now, take him as deep as you can. Let him feel your throat.”

Sissy Ruff Ruff took a deep breath and relaxed their throat, allowing the man to slide further in until he was fully engulfed. The taste of him filled their mouth, a heady mix of musk and salt. They could feel him twitching, the tension building as he neared climax.

“Prepare yourself, my pet. He’s close,” Goddess Lana warned. “When he releases, swallow every drop.”

With a final, deep thrust, the man groaned loudly, his hot semen flooding Sissy Ruff Ruff’s mouth. They swallowed eagerly, savoring the taste and the sensation of the thick liquid sliding down their throat. The man’s hand tightened momentarily in their hair before he relaxed, panting heavily.

“Good job, Sissy Ruff Ruff,” Goddess Lana praised, stroking her pet’s head. “You may clean him up now.”

Sissy Ruff Ruff licked the man’s softening member clean, their tongue gently caressing the sensitive skin. Once they were finished, they sat back on their heels, looking up at Goddess Lana with a satisfied smile.

The man, still catching his breath, looked at Goddess Lana with gratitude. “That was incredible. Thank you.”

Goddess Lana smiled. “You’re welcome. If you ever need our services again, just let us know. We aim to please.”

Word of Sissy Ruff Ruff’s talents spread quickly through Camp Sissyboi. Each day, men approached Goddess Lana with requests, eager for their turn with her obedient pet. Sissy Ruff Ruff embraced their role, finding pleasure and purpose in serving the desires of the campers. Each session was a new opportunity to learn, to perfect their skills, and to enjoy the taste and feel of a different man.

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